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Helspont VS Martian Manhunter

These two are pretty much identical in powers so I figure this is a really fair fight. I don't know what would be the deciding factor in this fight, what would make one more likely to win than the other. Tell me what you think (and why of course).

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very interesting fight what made you think of this.

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I did the Helspont page for the contest and it was on my mind.

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I dont know much about either character,but using my keen detective skills I can come up with an answer.Helspont would win,if they both have the same powers the villain would do what ever it takes.What I mean is if Helspont's only way to block a devastating attack was to use a innocent person he would Martian Manhunter would rather die.

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From what I understand about Helspont's abilities and their level of power, J'onn is way above him. His mental abilties are unmatched, he has strength and speed on par with Superman, he has complete and total control over his molecular density and structure, not to mention his Martian Vision.

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I can't really speak for his mental abilities since they haven't been shown much in the comics. He has taken down powerful psychic's with mind blasts alone but he's never had real psychic battles to showcase his abilities. He's been called one of the most powerful psychics (in his universe) but that was just words without much proof so I wouldn't just assume it's correct. The rest of his abilites are pretty even with MM though. He has strength enough to give Majestic (Supes clone with equal if not greater strength) a fight and speed to keep up with him in traveling speed and in hand to hand combat. He can shape shift like MM and has similar phasing powers and powerful blasts of his own that he can shoot from his hands.

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i think martian manhunter

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Post Deleted.

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i say the manhunter has his name for a reason, imo hes is stronger, superman has even quted that manhunter is as strong as him and next powerful in line, in th comic series where that blond hair kyotian guys comes in and stomps manhunter, i thnk his name is pesus or something like it,

hmm upon looking into it the manhunter has got beat down by 2 kytopians( pesus and super boy prime)

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Helspont and Martian Manhunter...wow. I'll say Helspont.

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"Bump!",what kind of answer is that???

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I go with J'onn but Helspont is immortal. I think.

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BUMPER says:


lol oh no not again!

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BUMPER says:


Oh god.

Slams head against keyboard

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i dont know enough about helspont, so i cant pick a winner :(

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Don't worry bout it, MM wins.

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Or does he?..........

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Buckshot says:

"Don't worry bout it, MM wins."

thnks buckshot!

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Buckshot says:

"Don't worry bout it, MM wins."


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Wouldn't the most fair fight be someone and their exact duplicate? But then you'd think it's almost always be a tie...

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i think MM could last longer but i don't know much about Hellspont

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