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I would give it to Goku by a hair. This is souley because of the speed difference in the two charachters.

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Much better :) ...and i give it to Kakarot

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Goku crushes Thor, even more than he does to Superman.....

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LOL! Thor would be punching at after images of Goku!

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@7am_Waking_Up_In_The_Morning said:

LOL! Thor would be punching at after images of Goku!

LOL this. and add to it...

The fact is Goku's tremendous combat speed, even without Super Saiyan forms Thor would never land a hit on him. Thor has trouble with Wolverine and Spidermans speed, he isn't hitting Goku now or ever,

Goku's speed, techniques and overall skill and power will trump Thor. The entire battle would be in Goku's favour as Thor would never hit Goku at all.

Thor is slow and thank you Killemall for the scans

1. Blitz by Mongoose (The Mighty Thor 391), who cant even tag spiderman

.2. Blitz by Mongoose again (The Mighty Thor 408)

3. Captain America commenting on Thor's Lack of speed (while the person on the scan is Erik Masterson, read Captain America's comment on the right, second last panel) - Thor 447

4. Blitz by Spiderman (this is Erik Masterson) - The Mighty Thor 448

5. Fight with Wolverine - Thor himself admits Wolverine is faster than him, fourth scan last panel, fifth scan first panel.

6. Chulain (a footsoldier of Mikaboshi, someone with no superspeed whatsoever to talk about) comments on how slow Thor is before he KOs him with one bast (Thor Blood Oath 05) - read second scan, second last and last panel.

Even as Kid Goku, he would be way to fast for Thor to handle. Thor cannot swing and fight at the flight he travels at, putting him at a giant disadvantage.

Kid Goku doesn't dance around bullets like Spiderman does, he literally see's the bullets aiming at his face and dodges it point blank. Fast and precise to block bullets with his pole. Hypersonic reflexs and movement.

At the 21st Martial Arts tournament, Master Roshi and Krillin fight an entire fight in 0.2 of a second, which means throwing punches and thinking at 0.01 of a second, yet Kid Goku is significantly faster then both of them. Goku can even dodge Dr. Gero's lasers and Frieza death beams which Piccolo described as "I only saw a flash of light" Goku easily blocked or dodged them. This puts Goku at a way above faster reaction time then Thor's microsecond reaction time at best.

Dodging lasers, and going mach speeds when he was only 15 years old. Lasers don't travel at light speed but they travel well beyond hypersonic.

And that was Kid Goku. Throughout the series Goku has been speculated to reach at light speed fighting, as he was shown to be able to fight at speed much faster then even light can't catch up to him. This however is just base Goku, the speed of his fists, movements only multiply by these factors.

Combined how fast his fists move, only to add on to his insane striking power. Kicking Frieza through mountains and completely demolishing him as a Super Saiyan, yet this is not even close to GOku's striking power later on in the series. Thor has been hurt and tagged by people who wouldn't even measure up to a fraction of Goku's strength in his punches and kicks.

Yet I haven't even touched up on Goku's various other techniques like teleportation, energy barrier, the Dragon fist and potent martial arts techniques he uses.

If were counting GT, SSJ Goku casual punches result in sending enemies of Super Saiyan 4 caliber through buildings, moving the skyscraper then going across the globe due to the force of his punch.


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And then we have Goku's ultimate technique the Dragon Fist. Not once has the Dragon Fist ever failed to kill an opponent. It literally tears through Omega Shenron, and with Goku's speed Thor would never see it coming. SSJ4 would literally have a chance at one shotting Thor.

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Thor can only drain the energy blasts if he can react fast enough and absorb it which he will never get the chance. Even in early DragonBall Z, Piccolo beams were going faster then light enough to reach the moon in a second when light takes 1.23.

Call it whatever you want, but it is point and proven. Goku is extremely faster then Piccolo, and can even use teleportating which would be easily able to outmaneuver Thor.

Hell even two Bricks Hulk and Rulk are enough to tag Thor, and Hulk has even went toe to toe with him on occasion. The idea of Thor surviving Goku's speed blitz, power and technique and striking power boggles my mind.

Big thanks to for these scans btw

Dodging Photon laser beam. Photons move at the Speed of light

Goku has tremendous speed, easily moving past the Ginyu Force (PL's of 40,000) and popping behind them a good kilometer away. And Burter has proven he is high hypersonic.

God couldn't even see him.

Goku would outpace Thor without breaking a sweat, even in his base form he has massive hypersonic and this isn't being compared to Buu Saga.

Not to mention Goku can create afterimages of himself.

this post is...

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@All_Mighty_Beyonder: LOL you, my friend, get a follower.

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