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The lone wanderer (fallout 3) has T-45d power armor a laser rifle, Jingwei's Shocksword and a combat shot gun. His strength is 10, agility 10, luck 5, intelligence 10, endurance 7. His skills with guns, melee, and energy weapons are maxed out. Also has 5 frag grenades.

Adam Jensen (Deus Ex human revolution) has jump enhancement, sprint enhancement, punch through wall, recoil compensation, move/throw heavy objects, dermal armor, and smart vision. His weapons are combat rifle (fully upgraded), and shot gun (fully upgraded)(he also has those blades in his arms). Plus 5 fragmentation grenades.

Battle field the rust map from mw2.

The lone wanderer starts under the pipe and adam starts in the shack type thing on the other side.

Both Blood lust

Edited because I forgot starting locations.

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BUMP. come on some one must have something to say.