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The Living Tribunal senses a disturb in the multiverse. That's when he discover about Caboose, who's trying to make love with a rock. The Living tribunal needs to explain him he can't have sexual relationships with an unanimated object. Whomever, The Living tribunal has restrictions, by trying to alternate any aspect of caboose will cause the existence to explode.Who wins?

Caboose also feel in love with a Tank before.

Michael. J. Caboose

Caboose can be considered as, by far, the most unintelligent character in the series, although at first this wasn't noticeable. In Season 1 Caboose was dim-witted and less eccentric then he was in later seasons, where he later showed near detachment from reality. Because of his intelligence and unusual behavior, he acts very childish: treating serious situations like a game, envious for not being a favored, and having illogical reasons for his actions, which frequently earns him the scorn and disrespect of the series' other characters.
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This is not even remotely a battle, also whats stopping LT from simply changing his mind altogether?


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@Killemall said:

This is not even remotely a battle, also whats stopping LT from simply changing his mind altogether?


I forgot to mention on topic that The Living tribunal needed to convince him, doing anything else would cause the Existence to explode.

Information from wikia:

Caboose has tremendous physical strength, thought by Church and Tucker to be "God's way of compensating", referring to Caboose's lack of intelligence.

Caboose used crayons for ammunition in Season 4.

Caboose is very bad at eulogies. He seems to have no idea what they are as he started Church and Tex's "Wait, I know how to do this! Dearly Beloved we are gathered here, today, to witness, the joining together of Tex, and Church, in eternalness together, smuh- speak now, or forever rest in peace! With liberty… and justice… for all. The end!" His second one in Revelation, while almost salvaging Epsilon's "Parable" quickly deteriorates into another bunch of ceremonial cliches: "let there be cake, hallelujah, gesundheit!"

Throughout the series, Caboose has shown a love for buttons, proudly pressing the button that taps into the microphone in Tex's robot body and the button that blows up the explosives in Church's robot.