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The Lich from Adventure time vs Slenderman

For some reason, the stupid slenderman picture wont upload but everyone knows what he looks like.

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slenderman effortlessly.

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Slenderman in a stomp.

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Slenderman stomps

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Maybe the Lich. 
He does have mind control, and necromancy.  
Not sure if they will work on Slender. 

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The lich. He could summon corpses to find pieces of paper and slender will cease to exist. And all Lich has to do is preoccupy Slender and walk around with a flashlight. Assuming he can see in the dark puts The Lich at a great advantage as wel so he doesn't even need the flashlight, hence making Slender even harder to find The Lich.

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The Slenderman has neither the power of love or the ability to freeze things. Nor does he have the power to simply brute force the Lich into oblivion. The Lich on the other hand, was able to crush an artifact level weapon that was specifically stated to be his weakness once he faced it again by grabbing it and flushing it with magic until it shattered. Now, Slender's never fought people with Magic like the Lich uses, and whether or not you can even hurt Slenderman varies depending on the source you're using, but in terms of raw power the Lich seems to have Slenderman outmatched. Not to mention that the Lich is a canny bastard, each time he's been met with a vulnerability of his, the second time he was faced with it he dealt with them in a brutally efficient and swift manner. Not only do we have the Gauntlet of Billy feat, but when Finn tried to use his like-like sweater again, the Lich simply slugged him out of the fight before he could get close enough.

Now we have the quintessential problem with using Slenderman in fights here. Slenderman's powerset and power level varies tremendously depending on the source. There are some core abilities of his that generally remain the same from work to work, but the Slenderman of Tribe Twelve who effortlessly made mincemeat out of a platoon of soldiers, laughed at their weapons, tore apart a Humvee like those cheap toys you find in cereal boxes, and had some genuine space warping dickery is leagues above the Slenderman of Everyman Hybrid who never really got into a physical fight and at most, teleported around to mess with some schmoes. Not to mention there's the Fear Mythos Slenderman who is arguably low skyfather level with actual, honest to god reality warping abilities and is a cosmic manifestation of an aspect of the Human psyche, that aspect being Fear of the unknown.

Fear Mythos Slenderman can quite possibly overpower the Lich, though it's unlikely the Lich will actually be afraid of Slendy.

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what powers does the slender even have? ah yeah, not being a real character or anything whatsover

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Idk cause remember when They thought they killed the lich but then he came back and possessed PB and shes gum so if that guy can posses candy slender is in some trouble

what powers does the slender even have? ah yeah, not being a real character or anything whatsover

And he is right what powers besides you blacking out and never coming back again and just being creepy does Slendermen have lol

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The Slender Man is an Internet meme created by an idiot named Victor Surge and is not a real character with any real feat, he is not a book character, or a comicbook character, or a tv/movie one, therefore none of the powers mentioned above are real, only the product of the stupid and twisted imagination a stupid fans

therefore this whole thread is only but a pice of shit

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@shadowpro: LOL I know but if you think about it it had to be done eventually

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the slender man will take you to the shadow realm

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As has been stated before the SM is featless outside of what the OP gives him because his abilities only exist in what is effectively fanfiction, the OP gave him no abilities so it's the Lich vs a guy with back problems.