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Fight takes place on DC Earth. Metropolis during rush hour. All characters within character. (NO AMAZO)!

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Janemba curbstomps them... JLu are just pale shadows of their comic book selves... that is what you need to fight these dbz guys

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Ohh wow, maybe I should use the comic versions then!

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The DBZ team takes it

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Animated version can be beaten even by Pikachu dude LOL!

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kid buu solos the JLA in character are like boy scouts

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Well the JLU has Bruce Timm's Bat-God so...

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Janemba could solo

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The JL versions of those DC characters, minus Batman, are all extremely weak versions of themselves. Superman in the series and even way back in the older JL comics was just a pitiful version of himself. Trouble with missiles and grenades? Robots? This is a magnificently unfair fight.

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@Smart_Dork_Dude said:

The DBZ team takes it