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Both 3 weeks to prep. Who wins with Prep time? 
Location ; Gotham City. 
Standard winning conditions. 
Morals are off. 
Both have resources. 
Who wins? 

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Savage...it's safe to say he's has much more experience

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Hmm... Sandal Vavage has more experience, has slight healing powers, has enhanced strength, stamina, and speed, is immune to age, disease, and fatigue, and is even immortal..............nah Joker wins.

Hail Emperor Joker <3


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Savage has battle skills and years of experience. Bu Joker is an enemy that does not make sense. He is random. Batman who is very skilled and ha battle plans struggles. I feel like Joker would win from his randomness. But Vandal would still live, he just can't win and would give up.

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Vandal Savage

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Savage slaughterhouse,he's a JLA/JSA/GL/Flash villain.No way is Joker even gonna come close to touching him in the prep department,physically too it's a slaughter,his superhuman strength and healing factor is more than enough.

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Vandal has better prep feats with people. Joker has shown some prep with Batman and Gordon but Vandal is a different animal entirely.

Vandal has more friends, more resources, and is more efficient.

Joker is cool but his insanity is going be a hindrance here.

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Vandal stomps here.

Lord help Joker if he ever gets in close quarters with him.

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Easy win for Savage. What can Joker even do against Savage ? He could just stand there and laugh at anything Joker tries to do.

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Savage wins quite easily.

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