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Joker has standard gear

Trevor has a silenced shotgun

No prep

Start at opposite ends of the city, they know what the person who they're trying to kill looks like

Round 1: Fight takes place in Los Santos

Round 2: Fight takes place in Gotham

Who wins and why?

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Joker would gas Trevor to death. Joker is out of his league.

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Trevor cried because his ex-stripper Mom got out of prison. I don't even want to think about the Jokers relationship with his Mom... he takes it 10/10 easily. Infact, Joker kills everyone in Los Santos just for the sh**s and giggles.

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Its pretty evenly matched but i'd bet Trevor... sure joke may be able attack trevor, or get along with him but the result would either be trevor killing the joker or trevor getting wasted and waking up at a hospital and try a different approach.

but this isn't a fair fight since what really counts as jokers standard gear? knife, guns, joker gas, bombs. Trevor's get just a pistol?

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a shot gun not a pistol don't be a derp.

No need for insults. I advise you not use a tone like that again.

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How I see it:

We see them stare down each other. The camera switches to Michael/Trevor on the otherside of Los Santos. Camera switches back, Trevor is seen walking away from the scene alone zipping his pants up and scraping a combination of feces and semen off his bald spot.

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Trevor should win. This is kind of his schtick.

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Shotguns are pretty devastating and I don't think Joker has any solid long range weapons.

Leaning towards Trevor here.

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The Boss kills them both. Then again, he may get along with both.

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Trevor is scared of clowns so he wins he stomps joker like no tomorrow

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Round 1 - Trevor

Round 2 - Joker

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Trevor chases the Joker the joker laughes hits a button and Trevor either goes Boom or laughs to death no matter where they are at

In Gotham the Joker calls in some minions to cap Trevor he is below the the clown price of crime's notice or if he cant call in local resources he walks into his old base makes sure Trevor knows where he is sets up a joker gas bombs and Trevor dies

and if you bring up the infant respawn this is what will happen every time

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Does Joker;s gas work on Meth heads?