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No prep time.

No knowledge.

Spike has only his standard pistol.

Joker has his playing cards and harpoon guns.


Winner by Death or KO.

Fight takes place in large warehouse cluttered with crates.

Starting distance is 75 feet.

Who wins?

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Hey check this out XD


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I like the Joker, but Spike takes this for me. His marksmanship is pretty ridiculous, he's a better fighter, he's a trained member of the greatest crime syndicate from his universe, and he's very good at thinking on his feet.

Plus he has plenty of cover, and I think he'd do a much better job at keeping in the dark and unnoticed than the Joker, Joker isn't exactly known for his subtlety...

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Joker Dies

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We need to start tagging Comic vs. Anime battles somehow so I stop coming into them thinking I will care.

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I gotta go with Spike.  Better marksman, better fighter, and unlike the heroes Joker is used to Spike isn't afraid to shoot him in the face.

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Joker FTW