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The Joker (Heath Ledger) vs Jason Bourne (Matt Damon)
The Brothers Grim! Will get grim

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sorry 4got to put in battle plz dnt lock

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this depends alot on the enviroment. The envoiroment is pretty much Bournes greatest weapon so if its in a place with many things to be used against the joker Bourne takes it.

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Bourne. (This is the oldest thread I've ever bumped.)

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Jason Bourne.

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Joker's pain tolerance is high but I'm not really sure what he can do against Bourne.

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Bourne snaps his neck.

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Bourne he wont hold back like Bruce even if he is it still Bourne.

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@logy5000 said:

Bourne. (This is the oldest thread I've ever bumped.)

Unnecessary one at that seeing as Bourne stomps.

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Joker stomps

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Most likely Bourne, Joker can take a licking for sure. But Bourne doesn't hold back, goes for quick incapacitation.

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Bourne stomps.

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Unless Joker pulls a fast one or has a plot set up, Bourne should win. In straight h2h, it's a frigging stomp.

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Bourne. He's a better fighter overall and more resourceful in combat. Plus he won't hesitate to kill Joker.