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  • The Illuminati, consisting of Professor X, Mr Fantastic, Iron Man, Black Bolt, Namor, Doctor Strange and Black Panther
  • The Authority, consisting of Midnighter, Apollo, Jenny Sparks, Swift, Engineer, Jack Hawksmoor and the Doctor
  • Takes place in Cairo
  • Start twenty feet apart
  • No prep or prior knowledge
  • Everyone is in character
  • Win by any means
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Midnighter solos. ^^

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Strange solos.

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@realitywarper said:

Midnighter solos. ^^

How would he take out Strange, Xavier and Black Bolt when they're throwing all sorts of magic spells, mindrapes and soundwaves at him?

Strange solos.

How so? The Doctor can do much, if not all, of what Strange can.

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1) Jack is useless here

2) The Doctor MVP

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HHH and Stephanie bury them all and then call on the beast BAROOOCCK LESNAR!! to destroy them further.

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This is like what happened earlier when they fought the alternative universe team... They were both trying to win by any means, and Dr. Strange soloed the whole team...

Since they are already coming in with what they have, Dr. Strange can summon that angled one like creature and own the whole other team. Even a speedster that ran at light speeds couldn't get away...

Can't find my scans for NA21, but he ended up killing them all.

I guess this fight can go differently since Hulk isn't on the team. But Xavier is here and he's just as effective, maybe even more so.

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@doom_phd said:

1) Jack is useless here

2) The Doctor MVP

I've edited the OP. Do you think the Authority wins, then?

@slimj87d said:


Fair points, thanks for the comment. Do you not think the Doctor could combat Strange?