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Zzzax has tracked down Johnny in order to get revenge for his defeat at the hands of him and Iceman. However, this time it's one on one. They both have knowledge of the previous encounter. It takes place in the Baxter Building. The rest of the FF is out. Johnny's on the top floor, Zzzax starts at the lobby. Johnny's allowed to use any tech that happens to be lying around, and Zzzax has all the electricity of the building and that of the staff to absorb. (My browser's being buggy so I wasn't able to place any pictures. I'll try again, but feel free do to so yourself too.)

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lol what can torch do to this guy wouldn't Zzzax just absorb him in less than a second?

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Zzzax can absorb Electricity, not any and all forms of energy. The last time Torch beat him, they were able to disperse him by creating mist for him to discharge in to. Johnny won't likely find any number of kirby-esque super science stuff lying around in the Baxter building that can channel, trap, or disperse him? (nullifier's off-limits) I guess burning the oxygen around Zzzax wouldn't affect him much, but I'm not sure. Is it stretching to suggest that he could find protective gear that would protect him from having his brain electricity drained?

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Doesnt Johnny still have the cosmic control rod?

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That would surely do the trick if he did. I just usually attribute that to Annihilus's standard equipment more than Johnny's.

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But there's consensus that Johnny's own powers can't possibly overload Zzzax? Even his ultimate nova-blast?