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The Human torch

thoughts ?

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human torch is very "squishy" and lacks training but he probably burns a little hotter. It all depends on who gets the first strike

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@darkelf35: agreed ace is a little better trained at hand to hand i think if johnny couldnt melt him ace would win

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Question: Is Ace vulnerable to fire?

If the answer is "no" then Ace wins due training, if the answer is yes then Jonny.

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@Deadcool: varibles gotta love em

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I think he IS vulnerable to fire but i am not sure if Torch's Fire blasts would hurt him that much. I think that ace is a little faster and he has better stamina + his Haki is strong enough to probalby do hand to hand Torch has the advantage that he can fly around and has great AOE flame attacks

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I think that Ace mastered his logia fruit pretty damn good and that the fire logia gives the character more power than Human Torch has it. I still think that Human Torch would win. It probably wouldn't be a short fight and Human Torch would have two advantages: 1) his ability to fly and 2) water, which would render Ace helpless. Chances are high that Human Torch would take the fight to a sea to depower them both, when he would realize that he is on the shorter end of the fire fight. I guess he would try to brawl it out then, but the water would defeat Ace instantly.

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i was under the impression that Ace not only controls fire but can become it as well... and that puts him at a certain advantage being ethereal and what not. HT takes it with raw energy output....

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Yes, Ace does become fire, all Logias do with their element. However Ace's fire has more feats for concussive force than heat. Torch can possibly burn Ace out like Akainu did with his magma since Torch's fire is waaaaaaaay hotter.

But if Ace's fist touches Johnny, its over.

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Ace should win due to his versatility within the element of fire and also his H2H skills.

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Giving this to Ace. While it's true that Akainu's magma burned Ace, that's more due to Devil Fruit magic (i.e., when two Devil Fruits of the same element interact, the 'superior' element trumps the lower one, in this case Magma being superior to Fire) Torch won't be able to burn Ace, and Ace can't burn Johnny. So this'll come down to hand to hand. In which case, we've got a relatively in shape mid-to-late twenties male who has just had his one power rendered useless, versus a super strong individual who is not only USED to fighting people his powers don't work on, but actually learned how to fight WITHOUT his powers. So Johnny goes down relatively easily, Ace prepares to walk off, but falls asleep instead.

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Hiken No Ace Dies again, Torch's Nova was twice the heat of the sun, it even hurt a Celestial, Ace can't handle heat like that .

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Torch ftw

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@darkelf35: AOE flame attacks??? what are those?

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It's pretty tough to choose here. Ace could just become Flame, so Johnny's attacks wont do any harm to him, as long as Johnny doesn't get haki And luffy to get in the way somehow :p On the other hand, it's possible for johnny to be physically damaged, right? So giving this to ace.

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@kryptosaiyan said:

@Deadcool: varibles gotta love em

Huh... Sorry what?

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Honestly, I think Ace could win this even without his DF powers

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Ace, he can turn into fire, and he destroyed several 1-200 meter ships in a row with a simple blast, later he incinerates a whole village.

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A punch from a de-powered Ace would one-shot johnny, the concussive force from his fire fist is also pretty ridiculous, I say Ace takes this one