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Ok, I know this has already been argued, and despite my love of Ben Grimm, I acknowledge all things being equal, Ben looses this fight.  Hulk just keeps getting stronger and stronger.  However, I'm curious what people think would be the outcome with an equalizer that gives Ben a better fighting chance, but does not completely tip the scales in his favor.  So here is my list of the scenario, the equalizer. and assumptions I'm making based on what I've read in past comics.  Feel free to debate any that you feel are inaccurate.  I'm genuinely curious about people's opinion on this.
Scenario: Ben Grimm vs the Hulk in an abandoned construction site.  Also it's raining just cause that makes it seem more dramatic.
Equalizer: A nifty little MacGuffin device that Reed made for Ben.  A type of grenade that'll supress the Hulk's ability to get stronger as he gets angrier for approximately 8 hours.
Assumption 1.) Even at baseline, Hulk is stronger and more durable than Ben.  Ben's beefed up considerable over the years and seems to slowly get stronger as time goes on. but he doesn't seem to make the massive leaps forward that other characters do.  I'm guessing at this point he's a solid Class-90 strength and has pulled off the occasional Class-100 feat where as Hulk is easily Class-100 even baseline and probably higher.  The question is is that Strength and Durability advantage something that Ben can over come and that brings me to assumption 2.
Assumption 2.) Ben is a better fighter than the Hulk.  I feel like this has been pretty well established in comics that Ben is more skilled fighter of the two.  He's been surpassed by more than just a few of Marvel's super strong characters in raw strength but I think it's fair to say that he's among the most capable fighters among Marvel's 'strong men' and is only significantly outclassed in this area by the Gods and Demigods like Thor or Hercules.
So what do you think? If Ben were able to neutralize the Hulk's ability to keep growing stronger does he have the skill to manage a victory or do you think Hulk's advantages even at Baseline are too much for the ever lovin' blue eyed, Thing to hand?

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First off congrats on joining the vine, I see its your first post for who wins i think assumption 2 is correct, ben is the smarter and better fighter
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Welcome to Comicvine.

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First welcome to Comicvine.  As for the match I think Ben can pull it off but it definitely won't be easy. 

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Hulk curbstomps.
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Thank you very much for the welcomes!  And yeah, I personally think, Ben could pull it off, but it'd take everything he has.  Though I will admit, I have no small amount of bias for the Thing.

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@Hellos said:
"Hulk curbstomps. "

Um No The thing has better fighting skills and Hulks rage can't help him here so....
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@TheGreatOne said:
"@Hellos said:
"Hulk curbstomps. "
Um No The thing has better fighting skills and Hulks rage can't help him here so.... "

I don't care about the Thing's fighting skills. 
The Hulk still is vastly more powerful physically and so is his boy.  




Even if you take away the ability to steadily increase their strength the Hulk and Skaar are well above Ben. 
Ben would have turned into rubble tanking a 100 trillion ton punch like that.
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Ben has good durability as well... and hes not THAT much weaker than the hulks although he would've been messed up from that punch from Skaar
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I'd have to say it could go either way, while Ben has better fighting skills and wits it may only take one slip up from him to turn the tides. This is a tough one, but assuming the Hulk doesn't get that lucky shot in, Ben would win. Assuming the alternative Hulk could win this with a few lucky, and well placed, blows...

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@TheGreatOne said:
"@Hellos: Ben has good durability as well... and hes not THAT much weaker than the hulks although he would've been messed up from that punch from Skaar "

I honestly think the difference is that large, at least to the point where any skill the Thing has means squat.  
Even without his rage amplifier he also packs the healing factor to further reduce any damage Ben can do to him.
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Thanks very much for the good feedback guys! I appreciate it!

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Well if we're talking about WW hulk ben doesn't stand a chance. If it's just classic 60/40 for ben I would say.

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Ben could do this
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Finally!!!  A Thing vs Hulk battle that the Thing wins!  At last!!! 
Without his ace-in-the-hole power to increase his strength with his anger, the Hulk will get beat by Ben. 
Ben is the better fighter and he has the kind of heart/resolve that almost no one can match; certainly not the Hulk.
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@PowerHerc said:
Finally!!!  A Thing vs Hulk battle that the Thing wins!  At last!!!  Without his ace-in-the-hole power to increase his strength with his anger, the Hulk will get beat by Ben. Ben is the better fighter and he has the kind of heart/resolve that almost no one can match; certainly not the Hulk. "

Agreed - and well said.  
Ben can win this. Take into consideration that Hulk is basically being knocked down to levels he was at in the past.  
While Thing, on the other hand, has gotten stronger than he used to be ... back when he still showed heart and held his own with Hulk in their past battles.  

Welcome to the Vine (scarbearer)
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First of all...welcome to Comic Vine...you're going to have a LOT of fun on here and I hope you do. As someone who knows a lot about the Hulk (lot of people will tell you I do...and then groan...lol) have to ask which version of the Hulk? 
Anything under World War Hulk (Green Scar) or the World Breaker I'd give the Grim with one hell of a fight...if it's either of the two sorry even with the dampener the Hulk wins because WWH was trained by his wife and others on Sakaar to become well skilled combatant and tactician...in comic book time the Hulk was actually gone for years before returning to Earth so he'd have gotten enough skill to beat Ben easily...that's my opinion anyway.
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hulk  smashes

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No, Hulk doesn't.  Ben Grimm here is on almost equal terms strength and durability wise with Hulk, and NO amping for Hulk. 
Thing takes this, 9/10. 
Hulk gets SMASHED!!!

; ) 

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Curent Hulk stomps. 
Hes tougher, stronger, smarter(access to banners intelect) and has access to bannertech (an old power tazer(attacks measure on richter scale 3.4was the most I saw), shield, teleporter and this wonderful invention that shuts down all electronics not shielded by banner)

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so are we talking classic savage Hulk or Green Scar Hulk because the later can fight way better, lets not forget that. Also the Eight hour thing comes into play here too, the question is can Ben do it in the time limit. Also take into the fact Hulk healing factor, is that also taken away too, that will play a big role too. This is about as equal as you can make a fight between them and its a good job. I do see Ben being able to pull this off.

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being so nice to me on my first post!

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no he doesnt  hulk better endurance  strength an can make massiveleaps  can thing do that
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welcome to vine
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((agreed i thank the hulk would still somehow win this plus i have  even seen street levelers lose in fights against opponents that has less or  never been trainng in combat  but since hulk now has been trainng by his wife i beleved hulk would win))
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As much as I would love to see the Thing clobber the Hulk I think we are forgetting the Hulk's Healing factor and almost limitless stamina. Ben can give Hulk a good beating but he won't be able to finish him off....

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hulk would snap him in half like a twig thing would crumble after a gamma wave

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The Hulk's healing factor wins it for him. Unless Hulk reverts to Banner after getting KO'd, the Hulk's not gonna stop coming.

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Both Ben and Colossus have held their own against Savage Hulk and lost. However, Thing has improved much since then. He even beat Namor underwater. And as I recall, Hulk was unable to replicate that feat.

Thanks for reading,


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@Floopay: thats because hulk is not supposed to be underwater

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don't we all remember that World war hulk completely MASHED the thing with a couple of punches and would of killed him if he wasnn't distracted, so hulk curbstomps because he did that when he was calm anyway's. Or he could just turn into world breaker and destroy the planet they're on and the thing with it.

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@Hellos said:

Hulk curbstomps.
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Hulk plays with his Thingy and wins.

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I hate the Thing, but I'd say he wins this 6 out of 10 battles that were all incredibly hard on Both of them....

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hulk stomps hard

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@Scarbearer: u prove a valid point so going with the ever'lovin blue eyed thing!

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Hulk wins this..and thing beating Namor underwater is PIS to the extreme

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lol i dont think the thing can beat hulk in 8 hours

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Hulk would still win. I don't know so many people are voting for the thing. Even if the hulks ability to get stronger was suppressed, he would still win because of regeneration and persistence. His healing factor is just as good as wolverines and would wear the thing down. The thing would be beating up hulk at first but hulk would just keep coming and coming until Ben gets tired or makes a mistake and gets crushed by the hulk. The hulk never even gets tired because of the gamma radiation fueling his power. Anyone who reads the comics should know this. The hulk never gets tired and rarely shows signs of fatigue in a fight.

So even without hulks cheap power, his 2 advantages would sap all of things advantages in the end of the fight. Regeneration and his unlimited energy. Thing doesnt seem to have regeneration like the hulk does and he even gets exhausted while the hulk has been seen fighting for days in some comics. I'm focusing on the ending here. Hulk would keep regenerating and getting back up in the beginning and middle of the fight but its all about the endgame.

Hulk still wins this one, but the fight is going to be very slow though.

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@Hulk_inside: I really doubt we are talking about World Breaker Hulk.

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@malikc6: This isn't a douchy reply, I don't have the widest knowledge of Hulk, but does his healing factor prevent knock out?

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Yeah, I'd say Ben can beat him, under these conditions.

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I cant see thing winning, hulk heavily relies on his strength increasing, youll see the hulk trying to lift something like a mountain and him struggling to get it off the ground, he gets angrier and throws the mountain miles away, his strength increase doesnt work here so this could go either way, but i just cant see the thing beating the hulk with hulks healing factor, anyTHING throws at hulk, he will recover from, if you wanted to make this fair then take away his healing

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regular hulk and ben are equals if hulk can't increase his strength then the thing wins.

he is more durable and is a better fighter.

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This fight already happened. Well sorta. Hulk and Thing switched bodies...and of course Hulk was pissed. Hulk while in Things body got the better of Thing in Hulks body.

Hulk still wins

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Thing wins.