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 This is an Olympic Competition hosted by The Man of Steel aka Superman himself. Five Competitors will compete in the following events

2000 Mile Dash

Weight Lighting  ( measured in Tons )

Greco Roman Wrestling


Javelin Throw

Name the Top Three Winners In Each Event

Here Are The Competitors 



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No Takers On The Olympics ? 
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Winner is listed first, then second and third positioned competitors.

2000 Mile Dash : Capt Marvel / BA (Joint first), Super Girl, Wonder Woman.

Weight Lighting  ( measured in Tons ): BA / Capt Marvel (joint first), Wonder Woman, Super Girl

Greco Roman Wrestling: WW (she has the training), BA, Capt Marvel

Boxing: WW, BA, Capt Marvel (based on all competitors being able to KO other parties)

Javelin Throw: WW, BA, Capt Marvel (this event also relies on skill and WW will have done this event before).
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Lol. Gladiator doesn't even get one medal? Haha.