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  1. Space Battle.

  2. Land Battle.

Keep your pseudo-science in your pants as much as you can. Try and go off of how things seem to work in the comics/movie/Books.

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The Galactic Empire beats the Covenant in both air and land.

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The empire wins. The imperial navy alone would obliterate the covenant. The quality of their equipment and personnel is just much higher.

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Really? So how many of their soldiers have personal shields? How many of their soldiers walk around with weapons akin to a lightsaber? How many of their soldiers can take a full clip of automatic fire to the, unshielded, face and keep fighting? On the ground in terms of vehicles the Covenant can counter everything the Imperials have. Imperial walkers = Covenant Scarab, Imperial tanks/vehicles = Covenant Wraith/Spectre/Ghost/Chopper. As for the troops themselves the Covenant have more variety and more devestating soldiers. Elites having personal shields, cloaking ability, plasma swords. Brutes having VASTLY superior strength to any Imperial troop, Vastly greater durability [with no power armour even more with it], destructive Brute shots and melee weapons such as the Gravity Hammer. Grunts vast numbers and better standard issue weaponary: Plasma cannons, needlers that home in on enemies, plamsa pistols with overcharge ability that shorts out vehicles. Drones have a natural ability to fly counteracting fuel based jet packs. Hunters with highly resistant armour and a shield arm coated in a near indestructable alloy, huge fuel rod cannons that cause great damage across a wide area. Jackals with their personal shields able to hold back large groups and their excellent sniper skills bolstered by their enhanced senses. Simply put many of the covenant standard infantry are vastly superior to Imperial standard infantry and even many of the Imperials elite infantry.

Covenant naval forces are excellent too. They have guided plasma torpedoes [guided like how bullets in funny cartoons can chase opponents and go round corners etc] that can halt huge volleys of fire and provide point defence against any TI fighters and the like. Additionally Covenenant Seraphs act as TI fighters for them, with the added bonus of dropships that can become invisible making boarding actions easier. The Covenant navy also has sniper class ship which fires a laser at light speed, i doubt it would be an easy feat for any Imperial ship to dodge this. Covenant naval tactics are also well developed; with commanders employing a damage absorbing system [one ship fires and takes down an enemy shield whilst absorbing the enemies salvo, it then falls back for the other ship(s) with fresh shields to blast the unprotected ship]. Covenant ships are also capable of performing actions in slipspace such as detecting other ships, intercepting data, extremely short range in system jumps and sending things [probes, missiles/explosives] through slipspace to attack/moniter enemies. The shielding on Covenant ships also seems superior as they are able to take nukes [our nukes of today make Hiroshima look like a burp so imagine nukes 500 years from now] with ease, and dont have the same weaknesses as Imperial ships i.e the way the Millenium Falcon can attach itself to a shielded ship, the ability for ships to fly in the Deathstars trenches.

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The empire's numbers are in the upper quintillions of storm troopers. The Covenant is in the upper billions or trillions. They can simply keep on pounding away at them until they die. And they can use spaarti cloning devices to make new storm troopers in a week rather than 10 years. And the sheer amount of Super weapons at the Disposal of the empire would be devastating. The Galaxy gun could pick off anything the empire deems threatening from thousands of light years away. The sun crusher would devastate the covenant. And don't get me started on the death star. And plus, the Executor and Eclipse were not the only super star destroyers, there were many others. And 12,800 meters long is a vast understatement of how large the executor was, as was 17.5 kilometers. And the first death star was actually 160 kilometers wide, and the second was 900 kilometers. Thus rendering them about invulnerable to enemy fire. And the rebels only managed to defeat the executor's shields after massive amounts of bombardment over a span of hours. And it's shields were able to ignore three hyperspacing star destroyers ramming into it like it was nothing, that type of impact would be able to shatter planets easily, especially considering how they are moving at hundreds of millions of times the speed of light.

The Covenant is outmatched in the fields of space and ground. And despite the weakness of tie fighters, they are freaking numerous, and the tie interceptor moves nearly at lightspeed at sublight drives. The tie defender would be able to decimate nearly any comparable craft the covenant has. As would the tie advanced.
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I don't see what use a death star that has it's entire surface,( Including the area around around the laser.) completely glassed would be. A soon as it tried to fire it's weapon, the first thing it would hit is the molten metal blocking up the laser. This would destroy the death star.

 " An alternate type of the Shield World exists. While referred to as Shield Worlds, these facilities are considerably different from the base concept." "  One of these worlds contained a fleet of Forerunner warships, which the Covenant planned to use in theirwar against humanity. Before they could accomplish this, the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire destroyed the Shield World by overloading the ship's Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine in the sun in the center of the shield world. This caused it to go supernova, thus turning the entire structure into dust, preventing the Covenant from using the Forerunner fleet." The forerunners were WORLD BUILDERS, which have many MANY times as much mass as a death star. remember, double the diameter means 8 times the volume. They also built artificial stars, could cause stars to go supernova and built the halo rings. A single forerunner dreadnought was able power a 348 kilometers in diameter planetoid. It was then able Move it through slip space while powering a small artificial star that was used to provide light to the rest of the planetoid while using a fraction of it's power. That planetoid weigh's (depending on how solid it is.) at minimum millions of billions of tons and at a maximum of  tens of millions of billions of tons. The same forerunner dreadnought was able to destroy an entire huge elite fleet during the elite-prophet war at before the begging of the covenant. It was able to with stand MASSIVE bombardment while unshielded and come out UNSCATHED!!! If that's one one of them can do, IMAGINE WHAT A WHOLE FLEET COULD DO!!! If the Covenant is at it's strongest they could obliterate the galactic empire easily.
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OH, by the way, the forerunner ships could fire weapons through slip-space, therefore bypassing shields. They could destroy the death star with a single missile by firing it through slip-space and FTL speeds until it gets to the core of the death-star, then it could come into real space and then explode, destroying the death stars power-core and causing the death-star to explode!!! That's the space battle won. 
But i do agree that otherwise the covenant would have real problems fighting the galactic empire, even after they glass the death star, destroying the protection and ruining it, meaning that the death star is then obliterated when it fires because it hits the molten metal blocking up the super laser. If they can glass earth like planets in hours, they can glass the death star in Minutes possibly! But even after that they'll still have problems. The Covenant empire themselves would lose the space battle,

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Covenant can win ground and maybe win space, but this also depends if they got sidious, no sidious no jedis and stuff like that just army vs army and such the Covenant could win, but its doubtful

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If the covenant were able to use the fragment of Mendicant Bias located on the forerunner dreadnought in the center of High Charity, I don't think anything in the star wars universe could combat him.

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@logic_mark_iii: it's impossible for the covenant to invade the Death Star at all... Biggest covenant carrier I looked up "mothership" is barely a little bigger than the super star destroyer vader was on which is 1/10 of the Death Star...

Death Star = earth's moon mass.

I agree however with the ground vehicles for the covenant they definitely are superior 7/10 times covenant win that. Although covenant have elites and hunters the empire also have stealth and DARK troopers which is one of the most feared foe of the rebels. Stealth troopers are easily faster than elites thanks to enhanced hamstring upgrades inserted into them through the suit (strange)... And dark troopers- although not as strong as hunters their disinigration Lightning rifle is outstandingly op. Also the ability to jet boost in case of emergency or to get to places faster. The Covenant also aren't great leaders in combat why the empire is incredibly smart and prestigious in how to lead a battalion through assaults

So here's the stats

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Space: empire

Air: empire

Vehicles: covenant

Troops: empire (health, speed, strength is covenant but they have almost zero battle formations. Empire has a near perfect routine which eventually brings elites and hunters to a corner.)

Super weapon: empire (halo is not a weapon of the covenant it's actually the forunners and even so the Death Star takes much less time to charge up to fire their star beam.)

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@rick014292: Wrong


space: Empire

Air: Either way

Vehicles: Covenant

Troops: Covenant ( you need to read some books you'd realize they form up battle formations all the time, and you'd also realize Thel if he's in charge the Empire will have a fight on their hands as he uses oh wait what is that? Superior tactics to out do the UNSC in space and on land even when the UNSC out numbers him... )

Super Weapons: Depends what the Covenant got given to them, halo rings then its obvious, no halo rings Empire wins.

Either way It don't matter because the empire out does them in pure numbers in space, and thus the covenant get steam rolled.