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Flash via BFR.

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@The Dark Huntress said:
"How to Start a Battle. Your OP needs to be more detailed.  "

How so? 
Really I dont think a location would have any effect unless I say a volcano where I clearly stacked the odds. 
 Bloodlusted?  Unless I clarified take them at normal levels 
 K.O Death etc etc no BFR
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I don't think flash is capable bfr doomsday. doomsday for the win.

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Doomsday got this. IS this is HP doomsday . I dont see much Regular Characters can beat this man if any. HIs adapting powers are too great.
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Doomsday need's to "die" before he adapts, doesn't he? And the stipulation is ko or death. Wally and his IMP.

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bump. This is an interesting thread, I'd go with Wally but HP Doomsday was seriously badass. I don't think he had the ability at this point to Evolve on the fly.

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H/P Doomsday was a walking plot device monster. He'd probably win unless Wally had perfect knowledge on what it took to beat him, as he is technically capable of recreating the action that eventually permanently put Doomsday down.