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Flash in a stomp.

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Depends on how much speed and size the object he's stealing is stealing. He's failed to speed steal a city size space ship in a short enough time before, for instance.

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@Dredeuced: I know it depends on teh size. Forgot to include that. But it still wouldn't take too long for him. Even though it may take a couple of seconds or so you would still feel a dramatic change. And it's jsut three guys so he should be able to do it. I still think he'll most likely lose. Unless bloodlusted

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@jeanroygrant: they say a lot but how does he win when he has problems with Gorilla Grodd? It's just bias against Marvel characters.

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Exactly or either they really like flash. Anyone of these guys could solo flash without a whole lot of trouble, and to think he has a chance against this team is retarded in my eyes

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Off topic question: Has it ever been fully detailed how Wally steals speed?

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Something about him stealing there energy and adding it to his, but it has been known not to work at times I really don't see it working on sentry

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flash easily

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Batman comes in and stomps all of them.

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Sentry full could solo, but of normal or unstable, the Flash should win IMO.

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@sophia89 said:

Batman comes in and stomps all of them.


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Batman comes in and is instantly vaporized.

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Morals off and out of character any of the people in the team could MAYBE solo...so with all three of them morals off they definitely take this. Sentry being the MVP since speed steal won't work on him.

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Sentry solos

Team wins easily

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Anyone gonna tell me how they touch flash?

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I'll wait