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Flash in a stomp.

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Depends on how much speed and size the object he's stealing is stealing. He's failed to speed steal a city size space ship in a short enough time before, for instance.

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@Dredeuced: I know it depends on teh size. Forgot to include that. But it still wouldn't take too long for him. Even though it may take a couple of seconds or so you would still feel a dramatic change. And it's jsut three guys so he should be able to do it. I still think he'll most likely lose. Unless bloodlusted

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@jeanroygrant: they say a lot but how does he win when he has problems with Gorilla Grodd? It's just bias against Marvel characters.

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Exactly or either they really like flash. Anyone of these guys could solo flash without a whole lot of trouble, and to think he has a chance against this team is retarded in my eyes

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Off topic question: Has it ever been fully detailed how Wally steals speed?

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Something about him stealing there energy and adding it to his, but it has been known not to work at times I really don't see it working on sentry