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The Eleventh Doctor


Marty Mcfly , Doc Brown and Einstein The Dog (Not Pictured.)

- Fight takes place in Hill Valley

- The Doctor has The TARDIS but does not get the sonic screwdriver , Marty and Doc have the Delorean and The Hooverboard

- If you find the fight to be completely uneven add in George Mcfly and Seamus Mcfly for Doc and Marty.

- The Doctor is without a companion

I will admit that on the outside this looks like a mismatch but this the eleventh and not the tenth or fourth and he lacks a companion and the Sonic Screwdriver which is his go to weapon I really think without a human companion to ground him in reality , The Doctor maybe somewhat vulnerable. Even Further Doc and Marty do have home field advantage here.

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The Doctor is so far out of their league that its gonna be painful for Brown and Marty.

In his first appearance as the Eleventh Doctor he had 20 minutes to save the world with no screwdriver, no tardis and no plan.

The Doctor without a companion is notably psychotic as he watches entire races (racnoss) burn and wins time wars on his lonesome. A companion just stops him going crazy and gives the audience someone to empathise with on the journeys around the universe (as its a little hard to identify with an uber-intelligent millenia old space alien)

But maybe the doctor is allergic to dogs and hence why K9 is made of metal. Einstein could easily win this, especially if he gets rabies or something.

In brighter news, it gives me chance to post this.

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@MalgraMoro: Not to mention how he tries to nerf the big D by not giving him the Sonic Screwdriver when the TARDIS has a freaking Sonic Screwdriver dispenser ಠ_ಠ

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@FiMFTW: Just popping screwdrivers out like candy at halloween. Kinda suspect Doc and Marty would be invited into the Tardis and all you'll hear is 'GREAT SCOTT' and 'Gee Doc, this is really heavy' before the Doctor goes on a massive monologue about how fantastically awesome he is and tells them to 'basically, run'. All this before he flicks his hair, starts up the Tardis Engine and a teaser for a Christmas Special begins to play.