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Doctor(Most Recent Doctor) and SA Dr Fate have morals off and are bloodlusted.

Doctor has full mastery of his sorcery.

SA Dr Fate and The Doctor have 6 months of prep.

Classic Dr Strange has morals off and 1 day of prep

SA Dr Fate and Doctor get to ambush Dr Strange.

Dr Strange has no artifacts or outside help.

Battle through NYC

Win by Death

Who Wins?

NOTE: SA Dr Fate and The Doctor are in their prime and at the height of their power.

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Why did you make this so one-sided?

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@BringnIt: Because everyone would say Classic Dr Strange would own.

But I'll edit some things.

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Dr Strange gets roflstomped here.

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A good argument can be made for SA Fate taking him even without all of these advantages.

SA Dr. Fate can beat Classic Strange, right?

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SA Fate and Classic Strange are equals pretty much across the board. they have feats to match each other in all ball parks. where one has an advantage in a small way the other has a matching advantage in another. A battle between both can be an either or situation but woul most likely be a stalemate. Strange was shown as able to build his mayic power level a little faster than Fate, but since Fate's host had superman level strength, durability and physical powers ( without a weakness to magic) and was funtionally immortal ( never aged immune to desease and HF) the lag makes no difference. Both can draw on the power of both light or dark magic and almost all sources. both were universal level reality manipulators, both defeated on a regular basis abstract beings above their pay grade by drawing on higher power sources. all tue extra advantages here are a slaughter stomp for the team and completely unesseccary.

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@BringnIt said:

Why did you make this so one-sided?
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Yeah my question would be how good is strange's automatic regeneration.