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@comicstooge: lol the best way to remove energy from your girlfriend. He proceeds to send the energy back into its container. The ordeal caused him to regenerate though.

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@russellmania77: In the old show he beat a being who had only previously been beaten by 50 or so gods,.

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COIE Anti-Monitor should win quite easily here. No amount of prep can help The Doctor here, COIE AM is just too powerful. AM can time travel as well if need be.

The Doctor, with enough prep, and help from allies/enemies (like Daleks, Cybermen, etc.) could beat SCW Anti-Monitor, though not easily I think.

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with prep Anti0-Monitor can pretty easily turn himself into someone as powerful as a hundred universes, the Doctor's cool and all, but he's not taking this

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Anti Monitor stomps!

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Idk enough about either character to say who wins. Can anyone list canonical feats for both?

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@comicstooge: It doesn't matter is the Spectre was amped or not the Spectre would still be able to defeat the Doctor as well.

The Spectre is God's Wrath so if the Presence wants the Doctor dead then hes dead, the Spectre can kill the Doctor (with or without the power of the TARDIS) with but a thought. (And this is coming from a big Whovian)

How imagin the Doctor going up against someone who but the Spectre in a coma and destroyed the DC multiverse............

RIP Doctor we will miss you ;_;

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Idk enough about either character to say who wins. Can anyone list canonical feats for both?

anti-monitor destroyed almost all the universes in D.C. Universe, he went toe to toe with the spectre who needed help from all the psychic in dc to keep up with anti monitor.

he can do alot of stuff ... well he's strongest version could

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1) How on earth was the Satan from that episode more powerful then the Anti-Monitor? he clearly wasn't anywhere near omnipotent especially considering he got beat down by a bunch of tribes and got killed by a black hole!!!!!!! Anti-Monitor made all the heroes in the DC universe look like ants and I doubt a black hole would even harm Anti-Monitor in the very least! and existed before the universe doesn't mean jack s**t! Galactus also existed before the universe. There is really no reason to not think that someone like the Hulk or Green Lantern would kick that Satan guy's a$$ let along the Anti-Monitor!!!!!!!!

2) Also the Master that the end of series 3 was only effecting one universe!!!!!! meanwhile Anti-Monitor had destroy over a billion universes!!!!!!! and like I said before Anti-Monitor made all the heroes in the DC universe look like ants and KO'd an amped Spectre!!!!! and pretty much makes everything the Master did in series 3 look like a city level threat!!!!!!!

3) Ok I will give you that about the Daleks creating a bomb that would destroy all of reality, but even then Anti-Monitor would be able to destroy the entire Dalek armada and destroy the Reality Bomb before it can detinate!

4) Ok I will give you this one, the Doctor did defeat his destiny yet he lost to death a couple of times -_-

I not being a troll, I'm one of the biggest Dr who fan you will ever find but I don't the Doctor is beating the COIE version of Anti-Monitor that full power! other versions of the Anti-Monitor? I say with enough prep and some help yes, but not the COIE version.

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@jackknight: 1) Fair enough. But don't forget that those "tribes" were beings that existed before time and outside of time (which would mean that they are at MINIMUM transdimentional beings), and the beast was absorbed by a black hole only after it's mind had been separated from its body and its body and its body was restrained by a cage made by those "tribes". Even when the mind was inhabiting a human body, weakening it greatly, it was still capable of some really impressive matter and energy manipulation, mass mind control (admittedly of a race that is already susceptible to that) and whom the Doctor clearly considered a universal threat, AGAIN despite being in a weaker state. Galactus existed before the universe in ANOTHER universe, and inbetween universes, was in the cosmic egg. That's not the same as existing before time was created. It's been a while since I've seen that episode, but I believe the implication was that they may have even invented time. THESE were the beings that could not defeat the Beast/Satan and could only imprison it.

2) KOing Spectre is never a feat that should be taken seriously. Sometimes the guy is 2nd only to God. Sometimes Batman can kick him out. Sometimes they try to make sense of this, but seriously, I have just stopped taking any Spectre defeating feat seriously. That being said, I know that COIE AM is awesomely powerful. I do. But there comes a time when all the quantitative power in the world won't change anything until there is a qualitative change in your abilities. The Master at that point was infinitely more powerful than the Doctor. The Doctor had NOTHING. He was reduced to a shriveled up old body that could barely walk, his allies were all either captured or were tossed back on earth with no power, and his Tardis and Sonic were taken from him. HE HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And he still was able to completely turn it back on the Master, regain his strength, tap into the psychic energy of every human on earth because they were all tuned into him, and in one minute turn it all back on the Master. The difference in power between the Doctor and the Master then isn't much different than the difference between the Doctor at his best with all his tools and AM. And the Doctor won through sheer ingenuity and his innate understanding of the universe. And by the way, I would consider the Master to be more intelligent than AM. Less knowledgeable maybe, but more intelligent and clever.

2) Maybe, maybe not. COULD HE? It's possible. WOULD HE? Doubtful. If he made that much use of his power, the COIE would have been 2 issues long, and would consist of AM just obliterating everything instantly without a problem. YES he was WAY more than the DC heroes could handle, to the point where they really aren't even much of a threat to him, but he is still subject to having to work for what he wants to accomplish. I don't think that he would just get to the Reality Bomb and destroy it before it can detonate. Don't forget that the Dalek ships can travel through the time vortex too. They can at least hold him off and hide somewhere that will take him a long time to find until they are ready to detonate it.

4) 10 times, precisely :P So far at least. Several of which have been his choice, and played on his one weakness that this fight takes out, his morality. But with prep, he can do just about anything.

That being said, I spoke too soon when I said AM would lose earlier. I typically think of other versions of AM when I think of him, not the COIE version. I STILL think the Doctor COULD pull it off, but I wouldn't bet either way.

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Sorry on mobile, otherwise I would've posted a meme saying: "one does not simply NOT get a Doctor Who reference..." :(

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@theirishdoctor: that is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the doctor. In the classic era he beats the master all the time even bigger plots than the season 3 one. And he has been able to defeat fleets of daleks over and over in the time war and before hand. Plus he as 5 always found ways to win without killing.