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They meet up in a Dairy Queen(only cause I crave a burger) and Dr Strange says

"We should reunite"

Namor spits out his shake and ask with a confused look "For what purpose would we do this"

Namor accidentically spits Shake on Banner but stays calm

Strange tries hard to think (while also trying to not laugh at Banner) of a reason

Silver Surfer appears next to Bruce Banner and says in a epic voice:


  • Members have planned who they are going to fight a week before the battle
  • In there current most recent forms
  • They have a day prep between each battle
  • Teams they fight are caught by surprise

Team consist of Dr.Strange,Namor,Indestructible Hulk,Silver Surfer.

they fight(also in there most recent):

Team 1:Sabretooth,Magneto,Wonder Woman,Aquaman

Team 2: Cyclops,Wolverine,Juggernaut,Iceman

Team 3: Colossus,Spiderman,Nightcrawler,Human Torch

Team 4: Iron Fist,Luke Cage,Ironman,Sentry

Team 5:Thor Superman Batman and Captain America

Team 6: Darkseid,Mongoul,Red Hulk,Abomination

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They run through the gauntlet with ease the hardest round being team 5 but surfer can take superman in a good fight and even if he can't win he can hold him until namor and strange finish off cap and batman and strange will then take superman out with magic. Hulk can hold thor and until namor finishes and hulk and namor can finish thor.

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The biggest problem is team 6 and I still think the defenders clear it

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Not up on strange's current abilities. With a day of prep he could be tough. Surfer knowing who his enemies are and having prep and surprise would not bode well for them. Along with Banner prep, I say they clear.

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5 and 6 give them trouble but they clear.