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Black Adam wants to kill Darkness. Darkness's Darklings probably won't work, but can he win? 
no prep 
no BFR 
morals off 
abondonned city 

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@comicdude23:  I'm gonna say no. I mean I've seen what Adam can do and I think Jackie can recover from it.  He's been blown in two and put himself back together. Survived a fall from earths orbit and he can create matter (Water ect.) from darkness energy, also he was able to bend space and time to travel around using shadows. But I could be wrong.
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black adam cause hes physically so powerful. and black adam would create light via lightning which increases his chances even further

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@Hyperlight: Course he has to dodge that lightning or he's mortal. And that light won't last anywhere near long enough to effect the darkness, it need's to be sustained of as soon as the lightning's gone he can recreate everything.
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hmmm... good point. but Black Adam also has energy projection abilities

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@Hyperlight: adam doesn't have energy projection abilities, the only time he has was in the superman/ shazam short  thats noncannon
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@Hyperlight:  so does Jackie. He just doesn't use em very often.
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oh... i was under the impression that BA could do more with his powers since he has more experience and lives longer

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jackie couldn't keep up with him, speed or strength wise

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Black Adam.

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Estacado ftw.

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Black Adam bags this.

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Unless I see where Adam has a defense against Jackie's greatest trick (manipulating the darkness inside him and Jackie has insane regenerative abilities), then I am going with Jackie here.

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Black Adam

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Jackie ftw

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I don't think Black Adam is going to like having a bunch of Darklings play with his insides lmao.

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Jackie can rip apart being from the darkness inside them so Black adam may end up torn to shreds .