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The Darkness (Jackie Estacado) and Witchblade (Sara Pezzini) from the Top Cow's Universe find themselves stuck in a New Earth where they must encounter adversaries from multiple different universes to reach the portal that would transport them back to their universe.

Jackie, after a warp in reality causing misconceptions, believes that the people he is fighting are the reason why Jenny, his girlfriend, was killed. So because of that, he is, well, pretty mad, so he will fight with rage but still with a clear mind. (So not bloodlusted). Sara will do everything she can to aid him in his mission to avenge Jenny.

Each battle ends in KO or death. The Darkness and Witchblade can use any powers at their disposal, but The Darkness can only spawn one minion per round.

Battle takes place at night.

They get to recover between each round.

R1: Batman and Black Panther

R2: Spider Man (PP) and Wolverine (No healing factor)

R3: Judge Dredd (comics) and The Punisher

R4: Deathstroke and Deadpool (No healing factor)

R5: Midnighter and Neo (Matrix Trilogy)

R6: Aquaman (no waterbearer or TP) and Namor

R7: The Thing and Blockbuster

R8: Guy Gardner and John Stewart

R9: Sentry (No Void/Non Death Seed) and Invincible (Image)

R10: Superman and Thor

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It got cut off... WHYYYYYYYYYY T.T

Oh well its fixed.

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It all depends really I can definitely see the team make it to round 8. Jackie could kill most solo by destroying there insides with the Darkness.

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I think they should clear it

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Stops at 8.

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They stop at 8.