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D’ Phantom trio vs the Halloween Trio

no prep standar gear, in amity park, in character vic by any mean who wins?

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Wow, why did I give up on the series too early? Who are the other two guys besides Danny?

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@limpoyzloan: The one in the back in 24 year old Danny Phantom or Dan from the movie the Ultimate Enemy, in the movie after Danny's parents and friends die , Danny gets Plasmius to rip out his humanity so Danny's ghost half merges with Vlad's Ghost half and the end result is what you see above 10 years later. The one on the right is Dani she's the result of Vlad cloning Danny and she poses as his cousin. Dani possesses the same powers that regular Danny has aside from his Ghostly wail that he learned during the Ultimate Enemy movie and his Ice powers. Dark Danny possesses all of Danny's powers and Vlad's powers with a couple more of his own including the Ghostly wail, shape shifting but Dark Danny doesn't possess normal Danny's ice based powers and if he does he did not show them in the movie. Anyway the STOMP this battle

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Any one of the three except for Dani could potentially solo. Especially Dark Danny who has shown super strength enough to lift tanks and toss them like it's nothing and the durability to tank explosions of gas tankers with relative ease. Add intangibility, splitting into multiple copies, ghost rays, invisibility, overshadowing, super speed(somewhat), ghostly wail, etc he's just too much for the Halloween Trio

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well I think it would be instresting to see hos do the ghosts react before the corrodium and too see the yeenalduchi's howl against a ghostly wail

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danny trio

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Evil Danny was a boss, I'd give it to the Ghost Trio.

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The Danny Trio slaughters.