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Random encounter

Dean is armed with pistol, sawed off double barrel shotgun, hunting knife and brass knuckles

Sam is armed with revolver (6 bullets), switch blade, pump action shotgun and desert eagle pistol

Crow is armed with his standard gear

Win by death/knockout/capture


Winchesters have been hunting the Crow for 2 days and devise a plan to capture him

The Crow knows hes being a hunted by two people who know his methods

Can the Winchester capture Crow?


Winchesters are both armed with Machete's

Dean has the Colt

Crow knows Winchesters has a special type of gun is hiding out and plans to take them by suprise

Winchesters have knowledge that something called The Crow is in the forest with them and is extremely dangerous


Sam doesn't have demon powers in any of the rounds

LOCATION of all battles

But at Midnight

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If it happened. Crow kills them and drags the corpses around giggling feverishly.

TBH Though fact is Crow wouldn't fight them. That's not how he works.

Crow in round 1,2, and 3.

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No one else?

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Couldn't resist saying: If they can call Castiel, he'll kick a$$, as The Crow flies! Know that's probably out of the question, and I MAY be a bit biased... ;)

: Agree that the Crow wouldn't fight them. Hi again, good to see you...!