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both in their prime  
Punisher is going to make Comedian pay for his crimes
who takes this?

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way more experience 

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Now this is a good fight. The Comedian is one tough SOB and his fists can easily break concrete. He's a vet just like Punisher is, about the same age and are just as sadistic but with different view point on life.  the only difference is Punisher has fought super humans. If this is going to be a firefight, the Comedian isn't going to stand much of a chance but if this is a fist fight, this could go either way. Good fight, but overall just as all comic character are about, I gotta give this to Punisher and his wacky BS feats. 

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The Punisher. I've never seen the Comedian do anything close to the spectacular feats Frank  accomplishes.

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Punisher pwns

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Untold Tales: PunisherMax
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Comedian wins because this thread is all just a big joke....

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@troller said:

Comedian wins because this thread is all just a big joke....

Good one....

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Punisher stomps.

Both fought in Vietnam. Frank didn't need Manhattan.

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frank castle wins in hand to hand and gun combat but i have to say i do love the watchmen and punisher woooooop

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Punisher caps him.

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@JediXMan: Clearly did considering America lost Vietnam..

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Punisher, but it won't be as easy as everyone thinks.

@troller said:

Comedian wins because this thread is all just a big joke....

@Morgan_Freeman said:

@troller said:

Comedian wins because this thread is all just a big joke....

Good one....

Lol, I know.

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@Morgan_Freeman said:

@troller said:

Comedian wins because this thread is all just a big joke....

Good one....

or not

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Castle via whatever he wants

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@JediXMan said:

Punisher stomps.

Both fought in Vietnam. Frank didn't need Manhattan.

Not a stomp, but a win for Frank more often than not. People like using the word "stomp" in various incarnations way too much on these forums.... Comedian doesn't have the volume of material that Frank does to flesh out his feats. Like Bats, Frank has been taken up and down the ladder quite a bit, largely due to the lifespan of the franchise. I'd say taking average Frank vs Comedian, you have a very solid battle, almost a novelty on these forums as of late.

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Punisher is better at planning elaborate ambushes and such

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@AmazingScrewOnHead said:

@JediXMan: Clearly did considering America lost Vietnam..

... think you lost the point, there, bud.

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Punisher in a MASSIVE stomp....massive.

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Actually it was not considered an actual war, we Americans won every battle there was in the "Vietnam War", they were just willing to loose more. We pulled out cause of political views not because we were "loosing". We could have turned the whole country into a parking lot if we wanted to but chose not to because we follow rules that most countries decide not to.

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Why this thread isnt locked yet?Comedian wins due to his coolness.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

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the comedian is not going to die laughing..

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Definitely Punisher.

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comedian wins wen it comes to all out brawl if punisher knows to much about the comedian like where he is and such he takes it just because he is a good strategist. wen it comes to guns blazing fire fight comedian takes it. basically every punished comic ends with him taking the brunt of a grenade or some crap that he just got lucky and happen to live threw. he is just a lucky douche like wen he tried to kill king pin. really? u don't fall out of a skyscraper land in a trash can and live. if that were the case comedian would have lived to. I've never seen the comedian get hurt sept wen he fights Adrian and who wouldn't get hurt from that.

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Punisher but it would be a great fight.

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people saying this fight would be a great fight are biased or cluesless about watchmen now comedian was the only character to beat ozy but ozy displayed no exceptional feats that allow him to be competion agains't anyone outside his own universe punisher tanks in this battle comedian showed no fighting skill really except from beating a young trained ozy but all ozy did was beat an old man and 2 very low level street fighters with no extensive training so him beating "trained vigalantes'' is irrelevant to any battle forums in my honest opinion and people this is coming from a fan of the watchmen just feat wise no character showed me anything worth talking about in the combat department, the novel watchmen is more about the characters emotion and views if you read into it in detail like most of the characters contrast eachother example ozy and rorschach same coin different sides rorschach is poor ozy is rich ozymandias is peak human physicallity and mind while rorschach is mediocre in both terms with good detective skills ozy might be homosexual and is liberal while rorschach is republican and asexual.

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this is not even a competition punisher wastes the rapist i mean all comedian did was fight protestors and rape silk spectre also he did beat young ozy but punisher has given daredevil deadpool wolverine daken bullseye and other characters a good run so this scumbag gets pummeled by mr frank