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So this is my first post. I'm aware its all been done before, but lets throw a spin on it. Lets say its a dozen Avengers vs a dozen JLA members. Capable of teaming up. And since DC pretty much always has the upper hand in this situation, lets make the question, what would it take for The Avengers to win this battle? For interest's sake this is a hypothetical team up but perhaps you can change it to give Marvel an edge or to even the playing field? Only heroes and only from their respective universes

Superman Batman Wonder Woman Flash Green Lantern Martian Manhunter Cyborg Aquaman Hawkman Power Girl Captain Marvel Green Arrow


Hulk Thor Iron Man Doctor Strange Vision Silver Surfer Ms Marvel Black Panther Captain America Hawkeye Namor Spider-Man

The way I see it a solo battle between many Avengers and their Justice League counterpart will usually end sour for Marvel. But as a team, The Avengers seem to have a lot going for them. For instance, if Hulk can keep Supes busy long enough for Doc Strange to cast a spell on him, he's out of the game. Freeing up those two to continue on to help their fellow Marvelites. After Supes and Shazam, The Flash is probably the biggest threat as he is faster than any Marvel hero right? Could Silver Surfer counter this in any way? Transforming every nearby surface frictionless at a molecular level The rest continue at it mono e mono... and with a little luck, perhaps they scrape through. What do you think it would take for The Avengers to win?

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MARVEL wins only because of Silver Surfer.

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Are you saying Marvel would still win Silver Surfer vs ALL?

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justice wins, silver and thor have o asnwer to flash. Their overall team is just too powerful.

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what universe is this if its dc then they win because flash can access the speed force if not marvel

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Well, would Thor's use of the Odin Force even the odds? Lets say neither. Lets say they all got warped into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to duke it out.

I'm new at all this... If they weren't in the Marvel universe wouldn't Doctor Strange have no mystic powers? Similarly, "cosmic energy" is also a Marvel Universe thing right? Would that make SS powerless?

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@pr0xyt0xin: no it's pretty even but their real hitter is the Flash(and Superman) once he's taken out team DC will fall.

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Nice. Good stuff. It'd be pretty rad to see this battle happen. I think either team has a shot.