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The Amazons:


The Thousand Sons (40k):


  • The Amazons are being led by Wonder Woman
  • The Thousand Sons are being led by Ahzek Ahriman
  • Themyscira has 4 days to prepare for the Thousand Sons attack
  • The Thousand Sons have 1 day to prepare for the assault
  • Morals On
  • The Amazon's win if they can successfully push back the assault
  • The Thousand Sons win if they can take over or destroy Themyscira



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Oh man, The Thousand Sons, that is a lot of Psykers, and powerful ones too. But, I don't know much, to anything, about The Amazonians. @Strider92: How does the average Amazonian stack up to an Astartes? Do the Amazonians have a way to combat Psykers?

Even with all the Psykers and well experienced battle brothers...im mot sure they could handle Wonder Woman. She is a maniac. But, like I said, I don't know anything about The Amazonians.

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@nerdork: Well I know they aren't on the same level as WW but they are superhuman IIRC. They could most likely give an Astrate a good tussle.