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Round 1- Spider Man doesn't have his web shooters.

Round 2- Spider Man has his web shooters.

Battles are won by KO or Death. Battle takes place in the Forest. They start 20 ft from each other.

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in all rounds warrior stomps

in all rounds drone gets stomped


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If that's the Spider-Man from the Amazing Spider-Man movie, I'm going to give it to the Xenomorph. 'Amazing' Spider-Man's spider sense was practically non existent. Xeno has too many weapons at it's disposal, most of them hidden, such as it's acid blood and second mouth. Only way to dodge these is to either know they're there, or have precognitive abilities, such as the Spider-Sense. Without either of these, Spidey gets face hugged.

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I believe that Spider-Man can take, he has a significant advantage in agility and reflexes that would allow him to outmaneuver and keep distance from the Xenomorph while simultaneously utilizing the environment to incapacitate it.

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this... is deep

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