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The merging of DC and Marvel was one and final until the merging resulted in a freak accident: the creation of the Amalgam Multiverse! Now Thanoseid seeks to conquer Earth until a combined alliance of Thanos,Darkseid,Desaad,and Loki confront him and Lok'Desaad, seeing Thanoseid as a threat to their plans. So can The Alliance defeat the two Amalgam supervillains? Or will the Alliance become charred wastes?

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team 2

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Desaad is pretty much useless in a direct fight. So let's make it Thanos, Darkseid, and Loki Vs. Thanoseid and Lokdesaad.

Team one stomps. They curb stomp rofl style.

Team two is virtually featless. The few feats they do have are inferior to many feats performed by any one of the opposing team.

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Team 1 because team 2 is featless.

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team 1