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Thanos takes hulk place as hulk did with zeus,hand to hand as it was in the fight hulk had. No bfr.

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I don't really see how things would turn out differently, lol. Thanos is not on skyfather level.

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imagine thanos instead of hulk in this picture and you got your answer...

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Zeus destroys him with one hit lol.

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Zeus would win easily enough, but not as easily as he did with Hulk...

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Using only H2H Thanos killed or nearly killed SS. Zeus KOéd Hulk. Zeus is only a 75 tonner. herc is stronger then zeus. In pure H2H Thanos wins

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Zeus wins, while he doesn't have feats but i assume he can amplify his strength with his magic.

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First I have to say that people are underselling Thanos to an extent. I do think that Zeus would win, but Thanos in nearly 50 years has never been knocked out by physical force. His weakest version was already busting planets just locking arms with a star buster (Drax), and he easily defeated him in the process. He was able to take on Thor, Prof Hulk, Herc and Thing in H2H combat before the fight was interrupted. He was able to to hold his avoid defeat for long enough to teleport away against Tyrant, who was strong enough to completely waste and no-sell a series of Planet busters at the same time. And completely overwhelm Lord Mar-Vell, who in turn overpowered Silver Surfer and Nova Prime. Tanking shots from an already pseudo warrior madness enhanced Thor who was in possession of the power gem, with only a bloody nose and a smile to show for it.

I do think that Zeus would win, due to the greater overall power he possesses, and can use to amp himself. However it is important note that Thanos can amp his physical attributes with cosmic energy, and in his fight with Odin (admittedly a high showing), the Asgardian said that Thanos was tapping into an power source to rival his.