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H/P doomsday- No IG

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So take someone who regularly beats Silver Surfer and add them with someone who could beat Black Adam and then pit them against Silver Surfer and mix him with Black Adam...?

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This is rough :) ... Thanos+Doomsday stronger, bigger and powerfull..But Silver Surfer and Black Adam they are bil deal for them...

Surfer and Black adam faster, smarter and has more powers ?! specially Adam..... If Black Adam has full Shazam power then team 2 take easily but....Regular Adam this match gone to Thanos side

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Thanos and Doomsday for the win

Doomsday would smash Black Adam to pieces... I really don't know if BA could overwhelm DD with speed because Doomsday is pretty fast in his own right. So this would be a slugfest and I can easily see DD getting the better of BA. Thanos should be able to defeat the Silver Surfer as he has done in the past. Good Battle though

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Team 1

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In character Team 1 every single time.

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Wait maybe I'm confused. I've been seeing a few matches with a + meaning that they're two individuals combined into one being i.e. Thanos + Darkseid = Thanosied and I assumed that the same applied to this battle that Thanos + Doomsday = T.Day and that Silver Surfer + Black Adam = Black Surfer/Silver Adam. Either way the side with Thanos wins.

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Team 1