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Fight takes place ^^here^^ ( Minus Spider-Man obviously :P)

  • Unpopulated area
  • If you opponent doesn't show anytime, and you make at least 1 post than the win is yours.
  • You get 2 hours of prep to prep against the opposing team. You get basic knowledge on the other team. Like for example lets say Thor. You would know that Thor has weather manipulation, super strength, and can fly. That's your basic knowledge you get on him. You wouldn't know stuff like Thor being able to teleport, absorb energy, or control the earth. Don't make them bring anything to the battle if they wouldn't be able to get it in 2 hours. Like for example saying Hank Pym can make a next Ultron in 2 hours is incorrect.
  • Win by death, KO, or BFR

Team @dondave

Team @esquire

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Cyborg Superman will hack into the world's databases and get full information on your team.

While he's doing this, Majestic will return to his base and retrieve his Creation Blades, Kheran Blades, Exosuit, and Nanoflage suit. Top will retrieve his trick tops. Once Maj has returned and Henshaw has gotten full info, Majestic will use his superspeed and genius intellect, along with the intellects of Top, Light, and Henshaw, to create a device which will siphon Surfer's Power Cosmic. This is a tried-and-true method of defeating the Surfer, used by Doctor Doom and Black Panther. Once this is finished, they will construct one-way telepathic blockers for each of my team members, which will protect them from any psychic intrusion by your team. Finally, they'll make several powerful electromagnets which they'll station on the battlefield. Majestic will give a Kheran Blade to everyone. Vertigo, Tutinax, and Lady Mastermind will just rest up and make friends, I guess. Tacos may be involved.


At the start of the battle, Majestic will active the draining device, rendering Surfer useless while massively amping Majestros. Top and Count Vertigo will active their disorientation powers, making your team vomit, lose balance, and lose concentration. Doctor Light will draw the light from your teams' eyes, blinding them. Cyborg Superman will immediately take control of everything in Batman's utility belt, along with any gadgets he made during his prep, and turn them on Batman and then the rest of your team.

Tutinax will attack WWH, using his fear powers to curb Hulk's rage, weakening him. Tutinax has the physical strength to equal Thor, and Thor has fought Hulk tons of times and beaten him in straight-up physical brawls. This is a blinded, nauseous, dizzy Hulk with no sense of balance, and Tutinax is replacing his anger with images of his worst fears. With a Kheran blade sharp enough to easily slash limbs off of Hulk, Tutinax should win this handily.

Cyborg Superman will attack Martian Manhunter. Henshaw with Lantern Rings was able to positively dominate Superman, and he has those rings here. So he should be able to take J'onn in a straight physical confrontation, especially backed by whatever goodies he's taken from Batman. And J'onn is also trying to deal with the effects of Top, Vertigo, and blindness, so he'll be far from at his best. Since Henshaw's not a typical consciousness and he's got psychic blockers anyway, thanks to my prep, the Martian's TP shouldn't be able to save him, either. Manhunter might be able to eventually go intangible and try to wait out the fight, but Lantern Rings allow phasing, so that may not even be an effective defense.

Majestic will attack Vulcan. Although his Darwin powers make him tough to kill, this is an above-Superman-level character with Batman-like combat skill, amped by Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic, and carrying weaponry powerful enough to disrupt the very energies of creation itself. With his already impressive speed amped by the PC, (and with Vulcan hampered by blindness, disoriention, and nausea), Majestic should be able to get the Creation Blades into Vulcan and disrupt his energies, like they did to Tao when he was a universal Reality Warper.

(Scans are backwards)

Wolverine will be basically a non-factor here, since he can't fly and has to deal with so many adverse effects. Doctor Light will blast him at the beginning of the battle, and although it may not kill him, he'll be incapacitated for a while.

This leaves Doctor Light, Lady Mastermind, and Top to attack Loki. Lady M will focus her illusions on Loki and Manhunter. She can emit psychic chaff powerful enough to mess up Emma Frost, an Omega-level telepath, so she will certainly have an effect on them. Since they already have to cope with the vertigo, nausea, and blindness, as well as physical attacks from my team, the illusions will have a solid chance of being effective and at the very least will make Loki and J'onn less effective. Doctor Light will pound the Asgardian with blasts strong enough to take down Superboy and characters of similar durability. Top will blitz, seeing as he's fast enough to do it to Flash. Lady M will shoot Loki, which probably won't do much.

If anyone of your team lasts longer than anticipated, my team will soon have taken down enough of their allies to swarm them. If J'onn's intangibility proves enough of an issue, Majestic will invent a device to bring him back to a tangible state, where he'll get killed once and for all.

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@dondave As per the OP:

"If you opponent doesn't show anytime, and you make at least 1 post than the win is yours"

I'm just saying...


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@thundergodswrath dondave just PM'd me saying that he had no way to beat my team. Are you going to be able to have a third round?

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@esquire said:

@thundergodswrath dondave just PM'd me saying that he had no way to beat my team. Are you going to be able to have a third round?


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well that was nice.