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Fight takes place ^^here^^ ( Minus Spider-Man obviously :P)

  • Unpopulated area
  • If you opponent doesn't show anytime, and you make at least 1 post than the win is yours.
  • You get 2 hours of prep to prep against the opposing team. You get basic knowledge on the other team. Like for example lets say Thor. You would know that Thor has weather manipulation, super strength, and can fly. That's your basic knowledge you get on him. You wouldn't know stuff like Thor being able to teleport, absorb energy, or control the earth. Don't make them bring anything to the battle if they wouldn't be able to get it in 2 hours. Like for example saying Hank Pym can make a next Ultron in 2 hours is incorrect.
  • Win by death, KO, or BFR



  1. Leader - Reed Richards
  2. Powerhouse - Cyclops (Phoenix Force)
  3. Powerhouse - Morg
  4. Brain - Captain Britain (w/ Excalibur)
  5. Misc - Quasar
  6. Brute - Orion w/ Motherbox/Astro Harness
  7. Telepath - Shaman X-Man


  1. Leader: Superior Spider-Man
  2. Powerhouse: Ronin the Accuser
  3. Powerhouse: Stryfe
  4. Brain: Ultron
  5. Misc: Kang the Conqueror
  6. Brute: Red Hulk
  7. Magic User: Magik
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Sorry I've been lax, I'll have something up later without fail.

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@backflip said:

@esquire: I'm here. Wait :P

I've been waiting 395 hours and there hasn't been one sentence of debate in this thread. Waiting hasn't worked very well so far, buddy.

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Righteo so forgive me for my abysmal attendance, I've been thoroughly constrained by Exams atm, it's also why this is going to be a scanless post as I don't have the time to trawl/make them :P



Noticeably my team isn't bloodlusted like previously, so a lot of the previous prep from my last encounter is kinda out the window as Reed isn't going to go to extremes without being pushed, but ultimately with my team, that isn't really a problem. However, I've got a new trump card. Captain Britain will take the team to the Starlight Citadel, visiting Roma, Guardian of the Omniverse. From here, they'll learn all they can about the opposing team, after all, she is omniscient so if anyone is in a position to fill them in, then it's her.

Additionally, X-Man will stop over at the Academy/Utopia and collect the wireless Cerebra's that the Cuckoo's often use.

Anyway, aside from that, Captain Britain recognizing the direness of the situation ahead of him, transports to Earth 666 to collect the Orb of Necromancy and much like Horace'M he'll proceed to resurrect much of his wayward Corp that were decimated by Mad Jim Jaspers and the Fury previously. So amped by the many hundreds of fallen warriors who sit just below Captain Britain in power, my team will be ready to oppose BlazinAsians assembly.

Match Start

So as soon as the game goes into play, it's very much a divide and conquer route.

Quasar will work crowd control, utilizing his massive energy manipulation powers to drain directly from the equipment/tech of Kang and Ultron; severely hindering their ability to proactive combat whilst also undermining them. Additionally, Quasar is expert at multi-tasking so he'll proceed to lock up the entire team in separate Quantum energy cells like the ones he imprisoned the Infinity Watch with. These have demonstrated the strength to resist simultaneously blows from Wonder Man, Hercules, Hulk, Sasquatch, Vision, She-Hulk, Colossus, Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Human Torch so there are definitely getting out :P

Whilst this occurs, Phoenix Cyclops and X-Man are going to divide psychic duties. Cyclops will rip Magik a telepathic one. The girl has no actual telepathic defenses and arguably due to the Phoenix Five insight that Scott automatically possesses, this should be as easy as pie. Meanwhile, X-Man will combat Stryfe. Now Stryfe is powerful, probably standard X-Man powerful. But this is Shaman X-Man, the disparity in power is abundantly clear. X-Man trumps him in EVERY category. X-Man will have a tough match, but ultimately this is ending one way, and one way only.

The Teleporters on my team step up as soon as the psychic assault/quantum barriers are erected. Orion Motherboxes in on Red Hulk, before grappling and whisking Thunderbolt Ross away to Apokolis, whilst Quasar equally traps Ronan the Accuser within the Quantum Zone.

End of Divide and Conquer

- Magik telepathically raped.

- Stryfe locked in major beatdown

- Red Hulk and Ronan BFR

Phase 2

Again, rather simple but effective. This involves basically my Captain Britain Corp rushing Ultron/Kang/Superior Spidey, who're weakened by Quasar's energy manipulation and essentially overwhelming them. Morg/Phoenix Cyclops/Orion will step in for added firepower, not that it's really needed.

Game. Set. Match.

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@blazinasian112 hasn't been online in over 6 days. I suggest you just give @backflip: the win and move on with the tournament. The deadline's been reached I believe and that strategy is hard to counter.

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