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Battle Info

The fight takes place in on a neutral planet. A planet that is centered in a merged DC & Marvel universe. So both universes characters won't be hindered by coming to a next universe. Also so that prep is accessible. But don't go thinking "I'm Braniac 5, and i'm going to go to Marvel's side of the universe to go prep". No you cannot do that. It's a universe that has been expanded by twice the size to fit both respective universes. Not only that, but the planet is also 8 times the normal size.

So think of the earth being as big as Kelper 4B

Oh, and by looking at everyone's team, almost every team has at least one being who can teleport. Except maybe Dredeuced & Esquire's team. So for the sake of the battle their will be a boom tube that can take you to any place in the marvel or dc universe. But here is the catch. You only get 6 teleports. Meaning you can only be teleported 6 times. ( There and back ) So that means you can have 1 teleport for each person on your team. Or you can give it out the way you want. Also if you have a character that can teleport, their teleportation abilities is nullified so that it does not give you unlimited teleports which others have. A next thing that you should know is that you only have 24 hours of prep. You can only grab equipment which has been used by the character in the past. But nothing uber like the Infinity Gauntlet or even the cubes, or anything along those lines. ( You guys should know what falls in that category ) If you character is going to create something, than their character has to have been shown to create something of that level in the past in that time. Like for example. What's the chance of Hank Pym making a next Ultron amour in 24 hours? Almost impossible. Now this is where it gets interesting. Your team is allowed to bring in 50 foot soldiers. This goes for your entire team. Not 50 for each character. When I mean foot soldiers, I mean Thor can bring fodder Asgardians, Aizen can bring Hollows, Naruto fodder leaf ninja ect. Nothing to extreme like, Superman calling the JLA, or Iron Man the Guardians Of The Galaxy.


To be more exact and precise I am going to make this battle more interesting and give it an actual location this time. The location for this battle will be a mix of the Marvel universe's Savage Land and DC universe's Central City. The location will be reformed to mimic both of the locations.

Well I think I explained what I had to say about the battle above. Now here are the rules.


BFR is allowed, but can only be used as a last resort.

24 hours prep for each team, and a boom tube with 6 teleports ( You can teleport 6 times )

Teams start 10 000 meters a part

Try to debate fair

Basic Knowledge on opposing team

If your opponent doesn't appear in at least 3-5 days you win ( Only if you made at least on post )

Just follow what I basically said in the top, lol

@cadencev2 & ThunderGodsWrath

  1. Ghost Rider Blaze/Zarathos
  2. Ultimate Reed Richards
  3. Hell King Spawn
  4. Thor
  5. Sersi
  6. Sentry/Void

@dccomicsrule2011 & @rogues

  1. Sailor Galixia
  2. Sailor Moon
  3. Emperor Palpatine
  4. EU Luke Skywalker
  5. Pre Crisis Hal Jordan
  6. Doctor Doom

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I will be the first to post and state we win do to ?s being Featless. :)

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This is going to be good

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My prep will be the same as last time.

My characters are not really meant to prep. Only Thor really is.

With prep he will be able to access the Destroyers Amour. An amour neigh indestructible, well too your team that is. Not only can your team not get by it's defense, but you cannot tank it's blasting power, ( Visor beams ) which will wreck your team.

The Destroyer Amour

Able to cause Odin Force Thor great pain.

Not to mention he can obtain the Odin Sword which is Odin's weapon. He does let Thor wield it a couple of times though. It is immensely powerful too. Capable of slicing through any character in this whole tourny with extreme ease.

The Odin Sword

It has cleaved through Celestials with ease

So it won't have no trouble cleaving through your team.

Oh, and we will bring the canon Asgardian warriors to help fight. Take away Beta Ray Bill though.

That's it for my prep.

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I'll get back to this in a sec

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@rogues: @thundergodswrath: @cadencev2


Palpatine with 24 hours Palpatine can easily conjure up other Sith Spirits and make them do his bidding (I.E. posses people on your team)

Chancellor Palpatine spent many years studying ancient Holocrons to learn the secrets of the SIth. The Holocrons enabled him to channel Sith spirits, who taught him how to harness dark-side energy and release lethal bolts of lightning.

--Taken from The Ultimate Visual Guide

I can also get the Galaxy Gun a battle station that destroys planets by sending missiles threw hyperspace,that when making physical contact converts matter into energy,thus destroying it:

An immense space station built in the orbit above the Emperor's new Capital world of Byss,the Galaxy Gun Fired missiles equipped with particle disintegrator warheads. Each missile possessed a terrifyingly fast hyperdrive and could travel from the Galactic Core to the outermost frontier planet in a matter of hours. Upon emerging from hyperspace and homing in on the target world,the missile's formidable defenses would activate. Automated laser cannon turrets blasted fighter interceptors,while armor plating and advanced energy shields easily withstood blast from powerful ion cannons and turbolasers. Once within range,the particle disintegrator warhead,energizes by the missile's power core,triggered massive nucleonic chain reactions that spread like wildfire across the planets surface,explosively converting matter to energy. At the missiles's full power setting,the nucleonic reactions were sustained until all matter was converted,destroying the entire planet.

--Taken from Star Wars-The Essential Guide to the Weapons and Technology

You might say who is going to be manning the ship,well thanks to Hal can bring an inanimate object into life:

Here is is turning toy ship into a real one:

Here is Hal using his ring to change himself into a robot via atomic manipulation:

Here Hal creates a Amoeba with his power ring (I know the scans suck but bare with me here):

I can also get the Death Star II which was stated to be 2x more power then the first one.

Not to mention Hal could also give duplicates of his ring and give one to everyone:

Since All of my guys have powerful will the rings will give them a major boost.

Palpatine can also get the Deathstar II what is two times powerful then the original,meaning it's twice as powerful as this:

Palpatine can also gather the Life Force from other being on the planet to make himself more powerful:

That's about all for prep.

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Reeds Prep:

Since Reed has built Time Zone Devices in his City, Reed has all the prep in the world from the City. He can even have his small crystal base regrown in the N-Zone.

Time Devices. At his young age Reed has created straight Time Machine. Later he created a Time Dome that slows time making 1 month a 1000 years in the dome.

Reed builds 100s of Scanning Bots and Dimension Readers.

Scanner Bots. He made Diminsion scanning Orbs in Ultimate Power.

Make the Cosmic Cube.

The Cosmic Cube was made by Reed and was used to bend Reality to his will.

Make the Whole Team Psy and Techno proof suits.

Reed makes Psy Proof Shields Suits. However Rhona has Technopathy that shuts off the Shields only to have a Technopathy Virus within the Shields infect her mind.

His Big Bang Gun.

Big Bang Gun.

Bio Bombs.

Bio Bombs. These alien soldiers, that Reed made, are genetic creatures with Uber Powers in their Humanoid forms. They can explode in a instant, and rapidly grow into Slug Beasts. He uses the Satellites in the sky to jack and target targets, with deadly accuracy, via Vortex Teleportation.

His Hard Light Construct Helmet.

Hard Light Construct Helmet. Reed made this device to allow him to use up Energy of the entire Eastern US into powerful Constructs.

Annnnnnnnnd his Depower Gun!

Depower Gun. Reed made a handheld device that simply depowers any special powers. This included Mutants, Fantastic Four Members, and even Franklin with the Phoenix Force!

That will do for now for Reeds Prep Time.

That all I need for Prep really.

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@cadenceV2 @dccomicsrule2011 @rogues

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@cadenceV2 @dccomicsrule2011 @rogues

I will say it again, do to no arguments from the other team, we win :)

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