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I decided to invent a character with PIS powers of her own LOL:

Name: Terror

Super Gymnastic Agility: Can do cartwheels and flips much faster than humans run or aim. She uses it for dashing around and dodging bullets before they can be fired. She can jump much higher than a human by doing somersaults.

Adhesive Skin: She can climb walls or just get up faster by cartwheeling or flipping.

Resistant to blunt force: Blunt force she can take a lot of. But bullets would penetrate her skin. Which is why she can fall off a building and survive but can't take a bullet to the head. Call it PIS if you want, stranger things have happened (SG and Thanos).

Super Strength: She can lift anything, but no one can lift her or pull her. This is due to reality warping, not true physical strength. Because of this she can jump tank like characters and force them to the ground. Still she can be pushed back and knocked down.

Lighting Flight: She can have a lightning bolt from the sky hit her once every 60 minutes. When it does electricity covers her and she can fly. She can release a single lightning bolt, which would make her fall back to earth. A sizable amount of water would knock her out cold while using the lightning.

Personality: Serious and determined. She can be domineering at times. But she gets things done. She has a sense of humor and a fun-loving side too.


Battle rules: If Terror survives for 5 minutes she wins. She don't even have to defeat the character. Battle happens in New York.

If she wins then she goes up against the Movie Iron Man and has to survive 5 minutes. She has faster reflexes and can dodge quicker than he can react so I think she may be able to take it simply by dodging. She could even fly if she wanted, though lightning wouldn't be effective on him.

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Bomb Queen wins.

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@joygirl said:

Bomb Queen wins.


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Squirrels solo. Squirrel girl hears vaguely of what happened

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@joygirl said:

Bomb Queen wins.

@lorbo: The squirl girl

When did Bomb Queen get involved? Squirrel Girl is more well known as a PIS queen to my knowledge. And I know PIS rules comics but in this battle Squirrel Girl is clearly outmatched, she could easily lose. Terror could tackle her and hold her arms down. When the squirrel army comes she could flip and cartwheel away at high speed. If they ganged up on her she could make a lighting bolt hit her and fly away. Which would easily put her in the 5 minute range of surviving, giving her the win.

I said she doesn't have to kill Squirrel Girl, just survive 5 minutes.

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@lorbo: under normal circumstancses yes PIS would not play into factor unless specificly used ie Lobe Force Rulk. However with charecters like Popeye, Squirrel Girl, The Loney Toons and others they are PIS. All of there feats work because they are PIS. And actually without PIS she is still a power house compared to Terror. In her first showing she beat Iron Man and Doctor Doom. Her strength his greater in terms of holding down. While your charecter can not be lifted she can be restrained there is a distinction between the two. Why can she pull and push her even though she has the reality warping? Simple she beat Thanos when he had a reality altering weapon equal to the cosmic cube. The cosmic cube is far superior to the teseract from the avengers. So she could push and pull her from that alone. She has also beaten Terax, Ego, Modok, Deadpool, and fought Galactus off panel. And those squirrels come prety dang fast. They were able to make it to teh Thanos, Terax, Deadpool Dr. Doom I think the point is clear. Also the squirls teath would knaw through her sking.

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Doggone reality warping squirrels! I didn't know SG was a reality warper in her own right?

My character can be pushed back or knocked down, not pulled or lifted. Which would mean that anyone on top her she could overpower and lift and throw off if she wasn't knocked unconscious first.

But if your logic applies...and I can't really deny it based on feats, SG wins flawlessly. Now assuming SG was not able to overpower her (which is what I expected) Terror takes this. The only way she could defeat an overpowered Terror would be by knocking her out, no easy feat. Or sending her squirrels, which Terror could evade one way or another.

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@lorbo: I was not saying she has reality warping but more that she has seemed to resist it in the past and against a opponent who would own Terror no offense.

Fair enough but if my point above stands that could not be the case.

She is super human strong she has out muscled and skilled Wolverine and Deadpool. Also beings who could bust planets with strength. So she could punch her in the face but i'm not sure how fast that would put her down. But what would work is throw her squirrels at her which even people with super human reflexes could not dodge. So in the reason you said the only way she can win is by KO or squirrels which is true. However she has beaten very powerful beings with those Squirrels mind you.

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No worries mate..I like having a character who's vulnerable. But for the record, her lighting flight is her last ditch resort. Any squirrels would not survive the electricity flowing off her, and she would be able to fly too. SG would have a hard time putting her down then unless she thew a ton of squirrels at her LOL. And if she did one well placed lightning shot it SG that would likely end it. She would only get one chance though, since she can do the lightning thing once an hour.

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@lorbo: Good points however she would probably be unharmed by her lightning. Also one of her squirrels beat Terax so you know not normal squirrels. Also she can jump several stories. She could jump of a building and do a kick to the face. She has beaten Deadpool and Wolverine h2h proveing her h2h skill. So who would win Squirrel Girl. Who I want to win Terror. I....Hate....Squirrel....Girl. She was a joke character from the silver age who should have died off with it.

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@lorbo: She beat DD, Thanos, etc. Stop hating, if Hulk did this you'd be clapping.