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Terminator must face the Zombie invasion caused by the Umbrella Copraration

  • All zombies are basic zombies from resident evil series,no dogs,or nemisis
  • Battle takes place In Six Flags 
  • There are exactly 1000 zombies
  • They are spread across the park, not all in one area
  • If he makes it to the end he has to face the Nemesis from Resident Evil Apocalypse
Terminators Equipment - 
  •  Mossberg 500 tactical shotgun 24 shells
  • G36k with 7 clips
  • 2 Desert Eagles with 5 clips each
  • .357 Magnum
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Terminator clears this easily

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@Noah Kenshiki said:
" Terminator clears this easily "
i edited the post,if he makes it to the end he has to face the nemisis
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@celestialheroin: Weapons not needed he should be able to just squish their skulls and save the amo...  (T-800?)
as to the nemesis I don't know hes strength levels so cant say.. all I remember from the second is the sweet end with umbrella excusing them self:)
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yeah the Zombies would break there teeth trying to bite him

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how many "terminators" are there? just wondering whether it takes 2 days or an hour to clear the park

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Terminator takes this with ease

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Terminator and by epic curbstomp