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Terminator T-800 Series with Gatling Laser and Laser Rifle.

Predator Bloodied with Spear, Claws, Helmet, Cloak, Plasma Caster, Med Kit.

Spartan 2 with UNCS Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and Frag Grenades.

Asari Commando with Shields, Biotics (All Biotics), Omni Tool, and M8 Avenger Assault Rifle.

Start 1 mile apart.

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TERMINATOR Solos with his Laser Rifle pretty easily.

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ha ha ha... I don't know about that buddy.

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I'm leaning toward the Asari Commando.

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@shawnbaby: :) Im so happy someone would vote for her. They can be badasses as leaders for Gangs or Asari military.

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@terminator__fan: Huh.. would've pegged you more of a Predator fan..

Anywho I'd give it to the commando.

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I'll back the Predator.

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Leaning Terminator

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Starting one mile apart give a HUGE advantage to the Yautja, his stealth skills and spear will be the deciding factor here.

If they all started within sight of each other in the open he is probably screwed but like this, it is a stealth/ambush wonderland.

The most problem will be the asari commando. He better take her by surprise or he is in major trouble.

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asari commando, has to much battle field control .

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when I first put in the asari commando I really did not think anyone would know who they are or capable of. kinda nice to see Mass Effect still gets love. They really need another game.

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They really do, Mass Effect is my favorite Bioware franchise. I'd say 2 would have to be my favorite out of the three. Also I'm backing the Asari.

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The Asari Commando with biotic powers should shred the competition in a straight up fight....

Conditions being the way they are..... it comes down to the Yautja and the Asari...... a SPARTAN II isn't going to last long in the conflict, as he/she has no defense against biotics, and the armor's energy shield wont be able to take more than a few hits from a Yautja plasmacaster....

The long starting distance gives the Yautja plenty of time to set traps/ use stealth to plan an ambush. Although granted, active camo is something the Asari has seen before, given the conflicts with the Geth forces during the Mass Effect series ...

Other factors, like age, can really make a difference here. Asari can live for over a thousand years, and their biotic powers develop in potency as they age. Same goes for the Yautja, as they have long lifespans, and continuously develop their skills as they age.... How old are the Asari and Yautja?

It really boils down to if the Yautja can take down the Asari via. ambush or traps before she shreds him with biotics.....

I'm leaning Asari on this one, unless someone can convince me that the Predator can set a trap that will kill the commando before she shreds him with a biotic Warp or Singularity....

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@steelhound56: Pred is Bloodied but a Vetren.

Asari Commando is nearing the end of her Maiden Years (300 Years)

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It just comes down to if the Yautja can sneak up on the Asari or not, even without the active camo they are still masters of stealth and ambushes. His best bet would be a sneak attack with the spear than with the plasma caster.

I am thinking Yautja wins 75% of the time, the other 25% he gets spotted and bioticed to death. Althouth with the plasma caster's targeting system he would not need to be in control of his body to shoot at her. He could be floating in the air in a bubble and still get some shots off.

Lacking the stealth skills, the Terminator dies fast and hard, the Spartan puts up a better fight and takes some hits before going down.

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Oh this won't end well...

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@steelhound56: It seems as if you are well versed in regards to the Yautja and Predators in general. How quickly do the Plasma shots travel from the shoulder canon? Do Yautja have any notable speed/reaction feats? I know they are quite versed in terms of strength and durability but what is the difference between a normal Yautja and a bloodied one?

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The main difference in a unblooded and blooded Yautja is training. An unblooded is not yet considered an adult but has still trained for years and is easily a match for most humans. A blooded is older, has killed a Kainde Amedha (alien) already, has been signed with their blood (Hence Blooded), also because of their age the blooded would be stronger and faster. Yautja continue to get stronger and faster as they age. An unblooded would be like Captain America strength at least, maybe a little higher, class 2 maybe 3. A blooded would be much stronger. A blooded yautja are also less prone to just charge in like a berzerker. Broken Tusk, who was practically an elder threw around unblooded yautja like they were children.

An unblooded would be like Captain America physicals but higher in strength, a Blooded would be more Deathstroke level.

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@misterwhisper: Much appreciated for that bit of information. Definitely helped clear things up quite a bit! I'm just trying to see how a Yautja would compare against a SPARTAN-II. It would far easier to gauge this battle if a specific Spartan, such as John were chosen as he has the most feats available and is one of the most proficient SPARTAN-II's around, but they are almost all the same.

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Using specific examples would just lead to a ton of Halo fans jumping in to make sure their sacred cow did not lose. Also his armor was much better than a normal Spartan II. That would be like comparing a green beret to Captain America.

Also choosing the highest level person for each group would be a bad idea anyway.

The last thing we need is a T-X, vs Master Chief, vs Liara, vs a Clan Leader

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The feeling of win of coming into a Terminator thread without having it being derailed by an angry fanboy is tremendous. What's that? The sound of reasoned debating, and the use of in context facts? The very sounds is as sweet as the embrace of a fine wom.. >.>

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Using specific examples would just lead to a ton of Halo fans jumping in to make sure their sacred cow did not lose. Also his armor was much better than a normal Spartan II. That would be like comparing a green beret to Captain America.

Indeed, considering John was the only SPARTAN-II to ever don the MJOLNIR VI armour, it wouldn't make sense to grant a random second generation SPARTAN the same privilege. The majority have ever only worn the Mark IV variation of the armour which was relatively inferior to the most recent that John is currently in possession of.

I could drop down some feats from SPARTAN-II's right out of augmentation, which would give a general idea of their feats, but it should be noted that they as they continually matured, as did their bodies capabilities.

In a training scenario to test out the Spartans after their augmentation, they were pitted against trainers in exoskeletons in a game of capture the flag:

"There are a dozen of the suits here."

"You haven't put my Spartans in some of those antiques?"

"No, Their trainers are using them for their own safety," Mendez replied. "When the Spartans recovered from micro-gravity therapy, they were eager to get back into their routine. However, we experienced some-" He paused, searching for the right word. "...difficulties." He glanced at his passenger, his face was grim. "Their first day back, three trainers were accidentally killed in hand-to-hand combat exercises."

"Capture the flag?" Dr.Halsey asked. "Past all that heavy armor?"

"Yes. The trainers in those exoskeletons can run at thirty-two KPH, lift two tons, and have a thirty millimeter minigun mounted on self-targeting armatures- stun rounds of course. They're equipped with the latest motions sensor and IR scopes. And needless to say, their armor is impervious to standard light weapons. It would take two or three platoons of conventional marines to take that bunker."

The most impressive of which is the SPARTAN-II's reaction time. After their augmentation, they had near-incalculable reaction speeds of twenty milliseconds -- 10 times greater than that of a normal human. That was only to improve as they grew older and accustomed to their bodies and it amplified greatly in battle when their adrenaline was pumping.

Dr. Halsey pondered this new data. "They should not be performing so well. There must be some unexplained synergistic effects brought on by the combined modifications. What are their reactions times?"

"Almost impossible to chart. We estimate it at twenty milliseconds," Mendez replied. He shook his head then added, "I believe it's significantly faster in combat situations, when their adrenaline is pumping."

- Taken from Halo: Fall of Reach

Additionally, their physical stats allowed them to move at nearly 55 km/h without the armour. Several of the higher tier Spartans were even faster than that such as Kelly who had to slow herself down to spar with the rest of her "brothers and sisters".

"Your Spartans can run at bursts of up to fifty-five KPH," he explained. "Kelly can run a little faster, I think. They will only get quicker as they adjust to the alterations we've made to their bodies.

The trainers turned and fired at the shadow, with almost supernatural quickness. Even the self-targeting systems couldn't track it. From above, a man free rappelled from the girders and gantries overhead. The newcomer landed behind one of the perimeter guards, quiet as a cat. He punched the guard's armor twice, denting the heavy plates, then dropped low and swept the legs out from under him. The guard sprawled on the ground.

Two more Spartans, dangling from the other side of the rope, dropped unnoticed into the center of the bunker. Dr Halsey immediately recognized one of them, although he was dressed entirely in black, save for his open eye slits- Number 117. John. John landed, braced, and kicked one guard. The man landed in a heap- eight meters away.

The other Spartan jumped off the bunker; he flipped end over end, evading the stun rounds that filled the air. He threw himself at the farthest guard and they skidded together into the shadows. The guard's gun strobed once, and then it was dark again.

On top of the bunker, John was blur of slashing motions. A second guards exosuit erupted in a fountain of hydraulic fluid and then collapsed under the armor's weight. The last guard on the bunker turned to fire at John. Halsey gripped the edge of her chair. "He's at point blank range! Even stun rounds can kill from that distance!"

As the guard's gun fired, John side-stepped. The stun rounds slashed through the air, a clean miss. John grabbed the weapon's armature- twisted- and with a screech of stressed metal, wrenched it free from the exoskeleton. He fired directly into the man's chest and sent him tumbling off the bunker.

- Taken from Halo: The Fall of Reach

They possess near-unbreakable skeletons, which in turn allowed for strengthened muscle tissue, allowing them to lift three times their own weight -- which only improved as they matured.

"They can lift three times their own body weight- which I might add, is almost double the norm due to their increased muscle density. And the can virtually see in the dark."

-Taken from Halo: The Fall of Reach

On top of that, the MJOLNIR Mark IV served to increase their physical stats by an unknown factor, thought it is assumed to be similar throughout all variations (a factor of two). The only difference being is that the Mark VI increased the reaction time by a factor of five.