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Classic Turtles battle Chewbacca, Worf, Judge Dredd, and Spock.

The turtles get 4 hours of prep, and the sci-fi team gets 25 minutes. The teams start 100 meters from each other, in an urban environment. No morals.


Turtles have their normal weapons.

Chewbacca: None

Judge Dredd: machine gun, steak knife

Worf: bat'leth

Spock: lirpa (not allowed to use the mind meld or nerve pinch)

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Chewbacca is very slow in H2H. So Ninja turtles win with ease.

Spock, wolf vs Ninja turtles would be a real battle. It comes close with Ninja turtles as the victor.

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@MasterJohn: What about Judge Dredd?

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@MasterJohn: What about Judge Dredd?

Steak Knife for the win! Seriously though, Judge Dredd with a machine gun can make this ugly for the turtles. Turtles have to take Dredd out with stealth before trying to take on anyone else. If Dredd has a chance to get some shots off, the turtles are goners.

If the turtles can use their stealth to take Dredd out before he gets a chance to take the turtles out, the turtles should win. Chewbacca is kind of worthless here without weapons and will go down real quick. Worf with his sword thingy and Spock with his staff thingy might be a challenge, but the turtles should have the numbers at this point and win.