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Let's just say the New X-Men consist of Surge, Hellion, Rockslide, X-23, Mercury, Elixir, Dust vs. Teen Titans, Robin, Wonder Girl, Supergirl, Miss Martian, Kid Devil, Ravager, Blue Beetle.

The Teen Titans have some big powerhouses, Supergirl, Wonder Girl, Miss Martian, and have Robin's leadership skills which dwarf Surge's. This battle would be very close. Hellion can match Wonder Girl and Rockslide can try to beat Supergirl due to his pride but is going to get embarressed. X-23 and Ravager would have it out, and this would be an interesting fight. Once Surge finds out Blue Beetle's powers stem from his suit, she'll try to disrupt it with electricity. Robin can do very little about a sandstorm but he can pulverize Elixir before Elixir can touch him. Mercury and Miss Martian would fight and despite the fact that Mercury is very skilled in the use of her powers, Miss Martian would probably win. This battle will probably go to the Teen Titans since they have more power and experience.

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i'm going with the Teen Titans on this one...

hell, even on their own Supergirl and Miss Martian could take down the x-men you've provided there...


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The girls on the Titans side run this.

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also, on a seperate issue...

which Supergirl are you using?

i'm trying to remember a Supergirl that was in the Teen Titans but am coming up blank... remember it's 3am for me here so if it's obvious it's not my fault lol


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just having wonder girl and supergirl means that the teen titans should win. the new x-men you chose arent powerful enough for those two.

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The current Supergirl.

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hmmm... i've been out of touch... i still haven't got the last 2 issues to read...

thanks, i'll hunt that down


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Titans Tomorrow!

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Kinda took the glory out of it with this X-Men team but Titans yes.

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TT for the win.

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