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Team 1: Cyborg, Batman, Toymaster, Ted Kord, and T.O. Morrow


Team 1 gets 3 years of prep

No bloodlusted

Win by K.O. or Death

Team 2 gets 7 months of prep

Fight takes place in Brainiac's ship

Team 1 obtains full knowledge of Team 2 during prep

Team 2 has 70% knowledge of Team 1

The prep allows for inventions to be made i.e. T.O. Morrow making more androids

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No one at all?

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Team 2

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It's a closer fight than you're thinking, Team 1 with Prep might be able to beat most of anything in the DC Universe

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@fastnoc: Not really, it's two 12th level intellects vs a couple guys who have some nice tech