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Winner by death, KO. 
Random encounter. 
Morals depending on character.
Start off fifty feet away.  
Gladitor is at full confidence. 

Location: Earth 616. 

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Annihilators, Quasar or Surfer could drain Goku, Vegeta and Superman, then beating Thor and Captain Marvel shouldn't be much trouble for the entire team to do.

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I'll bump this.

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Superman - Surfer and Quasar can handle him, Gladiator can puts up a fight, having Kryptonian weakness is one thing that Surfer and Quasar can exploit.

Thor - Pretty much any Annihilators can give Thor a fight, since Ronan have put up a fight with Thor before (though Thor is more powerful), he will be assign to hold off Thor.

Captain Marvel - Surfer and Beta Ray Bill can beat him, Gladiator can give him a fight, but I'll assign Gladiator to hold him back until someone is free to beat him.

Goku - Surfer and Quasar can beat him by using energy manipulation, Beta Ray Bill can also exhaust Goku by using his Stormbreaker to absorb Goku's strongest blast.

Vegeta - Surfer and Quasar can beat the same way as Goku, but since Vegeta is weaker than Goku, he won't last as long.