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So fitting in with the recent craze of Yu Yu Hakusho topics, I've decided to make my own. The premier team from Yu Yu Hakusho plus Younger Toguro will fight the Five Elemental Warriors from Shaman King. Everyone is in character and looking to incapacitate their opponent. All combatants are at full power. Teams start off 500 meters apart.

Round 1:

Mazoku Yusuke vs Yoh

Hiei vs Tao

Yoko Kurama vs Lyserg

Kuwabara vs Horohoro

Younger Toguro vs Chocolove

Round 2:

Team Urameshi vs Five Elemental Warriors

Which team takes it?

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Never read Shaman King

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YYH wins. Shaman King is by no.means a weak series. But YYH is just better. Even though the FEW have precog and even soukfu*k with the Five Elemental Spirits, they are far too slow to do any damage here.

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If you ever think about reading it, read Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang instead of the first manga. You'll be happy you did.

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I didn't realize they were so slow... this is unfortunate.

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I never read Shaman King myself either but I know I read on some forums that the Shaman King Universe is stronger then the DBZ universe. Is that true only because of Hao? Any feats for the elemental warriors?

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Most likely only because of Hao . He was omnipotent and creating black holes and supernovas at the end of the series.

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Shaman King only got bullet timing speeds roughly halfway through the series. Even at best the FEW are low hypersonic. And yes, Hao is THE god of Shaman King.