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Team Transporter:

The Transporter (Vance) and The Transporter (Statham)


Arrow and Slade:


  • Both Teams start out of sight of the other
  • Morals On
  • No Prep
  • Unarmed
  • Random Encounter
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


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No idea who Vance is. Any feats for him?

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No idea who Vance is. Any feats for him?

He is from the Transporter TV series. He's just under movie Transporter in skill but makes up for with a lethal approach to confrontations. This is the only vid I can find of him and its not even English lol still despite that its taken on a camera it demonstrates his fighting style:

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@strider92: Hmm, not bad. As with Frank, he seems rather dependant on his environment to aid him in battle rather than depending on his own knowledge of martial arts. Considering you said standard gear, I assume that allows both Slade and Ollie to wield their respective weaponry? Slade is almost always seen with a Rifle (Sniper) or a set of pistols and Ollie obviously has his bow. As for morals, Ollie doesn't seem to mind killing so it should be straight forward for him.

I'd say that Frank and Vance start out safe due to the amount of cover available to them so Ollie wouldn't be able to pull off any shots from the beginning but if they ever were to be exposed for a minimal period of time, I don't see Ollie missing the opportunity to take a shot. In terms of pure hand-to-hand, I think that Ollie and Slade might be superior although Vance and Frank like to utilize their environment a lot that might help even out whatever gap there may be.

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@deranged_midget: TV Transporter is more hands on than Movie Transporter not a lot but in the 1st episode he took on quite few people without resorting to the environment but yes that seems a fair assessment. I would also add that both Transporters start with a hand-gun to even it out a bit. As you said Ollie and Slade both have log ranged options and it might give them an unfair advantage.

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@strider92: Indeed it might, so I think we both agree it'd be more interesting and fair to take away any weaponry from them and have it become a purely hand-to-hand fight!

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@strider92: Ok so in terms of feats, it's pretty obvious that both Frank and Ollie have more to go by then Vance and Slade do as they've had more screen time. With that said, I'd say Frank is far more experienced and varied as Ollie is simply more straight up to the point. If we're allowing objects in the environment to be utilized, Frank may use that to his advantage but we've seen Ollie tank hits from thugs with objects, most recently with a pool cue smashing off of his torso with no damage done whatsoever.

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@strider92: So that's what people watch in France. Interesting........................

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@laflux: Actually its filmed in English and played by an English actor :p


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Probably team arrow.

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team transporter

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