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Wolverine, Moon Knight, Venom (Thompson), Archangel,Daken, Pryo, Psylocke, Beast

CIS off.

No prep time.

All fight's take place in NYC.

R1) Kraven (hunting knife, crossbrow), Chameleon (disguises, longsword), Kingpin (cane), Bullseye (katana, shotgun), Burglar w/two mini uzis (Uncle Ben's killer)

R2) Shocker (regular gauntlets), Green Goblin (glider), Lizard, Vermin, Hammerhead (pre-robotic upgrade)

R3) Doc Ock (titanium), Toad, Lady Deathstrike, Mysterio, Tombstone (post-accident)

R4) Mister X, Swarm, Rhino, Sandman, 20 armed Yakuza

R5) Kaine, Electro, Ultimate Mysterio, Punisher w/adamantium weapons.

R6) Hydro-Man, Vulture (the one who had better showings), Morbius, Scorpion, Nitro

R7) Savage SIX

R8) PIS off Sinister Six.

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Stops at 4.

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@ImTheDamnBatman: I'd think Pyslocke could get them through that round. Unless Mr. X has some TP resistance I'm not sure of, she should be able to take them all down.

They stop at the last round though. Non-CIS Electro just disrupts their electrical impulses and takes them all out.