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Michelangelo from TMNT goes home to find Master Splinter dead with a note "Comedic battle at 5:00 on the roof of the pizza place, yours truly, Deadpool" Michelangelo is bloodlusted. He has just his nunchucks.

Nightwing hears of this tragedy and goes to help Michelangelo. Morals on for him, he has escirma sticks, full suit tazer, wing-dings and his other standard equipment.

Ken finds out Chun-Li had her body frozen and her head ripped off. He has no weapons and is bloodlusted. He finds out about the turtle and Nightwing and joins them in the hunt for Deadpool and Sub-Zero.

Deadpool has standard gear. He lost his healing factor (I don't know how XD) He is allied with Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero has his standard gear.

To the death.

(Remember, Deadpool DOES NOT have his healing factor!)

Can team Nightturtleken beat team Dead-Zero?

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Nobody wants to take a stab at this?