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Mr. Fantastic's team gets two weeks prep and Thanos' team gets two days. No morals no IG/HOTU. Who wins and why?

Mr. Fantastic

Batman (Pre 52)

Iron Man

Dr. Doom



Brainiac (Pre 52)

The Engineer (Pre 52)

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Only person I don't know is The Engineer.

I felt the need to say Team Thanos wins, but with the combined brains and financial benefits of Reed, Bruce and Tony, they can pull something out of their butt, especially if they know what they're going up against.

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Don't know the engineer and not to familiar with Brainiac. Isn't Brainiac light years ahead of us in tech?

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Team one would win.

Reed Richards and Dr. Doom working together, with more prep than team Thanos, with no morals, is scary concept.

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Team 1

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Team 1, but it won't be easy.