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Which group of Mechas would be superior?

No Geass powers or Spiral Induced Power Boosts, just fighting spirit and skill.

Team Dai-Gurren-

Lagann (Piloted by Post Time Skip Simon) and Gurren (Piloted by Kamina circa episode Eight) - combining is okay

King Kittan Deluxe (Combined with Dayakkaiser and Kiyalunga; Piloted by Kittan, Dayakka and Kiyal)

Enkidudu (Piloted by Post Time-Skip Viral)

Gimmy and Darry's Grapearl's

The Dark Knights -

Gawain (Piloted by Zero and C.C)

Guren S.E.I.T.E.N (Piloted by Kallen)

Lancelot Albion (Piloted by Suzaku)

Zangetsu (Piloted by Tohdoh)

Siegfried (Piloted by Jeremiah)

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Considering the Lagann is a walking plot device (especially if Simon or Kamina are involved), team Dai-Gurren takes it easily.

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Well what about stopping it from combining it with anything but Gurren?

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Isn't team Dai- Gurren from that show which tosses galaxies around for fun

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Yeah but that's high end Team Dai-Gurren, this is Pre Timeskip Mechas which are roughly the same power and size as the Code Geass Knightmare Frames.

Every Mech here is about that level if not lower (aside from Gurren Lagann itself, which is slightly more powerful).

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@Pwok21: Well do team dai- gurren have anything to defend against the Gwain's gedion destroyer

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Well Gawain is a lot slower than pretty much every single one of the Team Dai-Gurren Mechas, except maybe King Kittan Deluxe.

I'm pretty sure the twin's Grapearl's or Gurren Lagann could take it out, Grapearl's are really nimble and Gurren Lagann could summon a drill that would shield them from the blast.

Even if Gurren Lagann DID take heavy damage whilst destroying Gawain they could regenerate the armor with enough fighting spirit.

That said, I think that the Black Knights have an even chance due to the fact that Zero is pretty damn smart at planning whilst Kamina is the anime equivalent of Leeroy Jenkins. The only reason he doesn't die is because Simon is there to keep him focused.

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@Pwok21: Very well then. why not put Zero and C2 in the Shinkuro then? Either way Suzaku will win due to the live command placed upon him and Orange boy a.k.a Jeremiah will not let Zero be harmed in any way

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I just allowed Giga Drill's for Gurren Lagann, just as it's the only way they can remove Gawain as a threat handily


I felt that Shinkuro was too powerful in the regard that it has an insane defense along with the Hadron Cannons, whilst Gawain was slightly more susceptible to attacks.

It's the comparison of the Viral, who can't die, versus Suzaku, who will live by any means, that I would find interesting or the twin Grapearls versus Suzaku.

How WOULD Jeremiah defend Lelouch as I have a pretty good video showcasing just how powerful Gurren Lagann's drills actually are, because if he's defending it using his own mecha then it's two for one.

Loading Video...

Displays Gurren Lagann's ability to defend with force fields AND just just goddamn powerful it's Giga Drill is.