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3 vs 3 battle Morals off and a fight to the death Takes place in a completely empty Times Square No prep, random encounter

Team Cap: Captain America, Spider-Man and Invisible Woman

Team Iron Man: Iron Man, Mr Fantastic and Bullseye

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Morals off Invisible Woman?


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@Sufferthorn: Can spider-man dodge bullesye's shots

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I don't think Bullseye can peg a morals off Spider-Man.

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Team Iron Man ftw

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Team Cap stomps. Morals off Invisible woman can generate force fields inside people's heads and blow them up

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Morals Off Invisible Woman explodes all their skulls before they can react.

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Blood lusted Invisible Woman could solo unless Bullseye gets a lucky shot on her. Even then her thought is going to be faster than any reaction time on Team Iron Man.

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team 1

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I'm taking team 1,, a morals off sue storm is very dangerous,,along with a morals off spidey n cap